Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Top Dog Breeds Of 2010

The American Kennel Club has released its top ten dog breeds for the past year. While it's no surprise that the Labrador Retriever is the number one dog, many other breeds have risen to new heights.

The Top Ten

YearNumberBreed NameYearNumberBreed Name
20101.Labrador Retreiver20091.Labrador Retreiver
2.German Shepherd2.German Shepherd
3.Yorkshire Terrier3.Yorkshire Terrier
4.Beagle4.Golden Retriever
5.Golden Retriever5.Beagle
10.Shih Tzu10.Shih Tzu

Breeds On The Rise

There were three breeds with the greatest increase over last year. The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon (pictured right) climbed 15 spots from 108 to 93. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (below) jumped from 101 to 88. The third to rise in the rankings was the Smooth Fox Terrier.

Another breed that has leaped in the rankings is the French Bulldog. Over the past decade, this breed has leapt from 71 to 21. Martha Stewart is a huge fan of the breed and that may be part of the reason it's become so popular over the years. The bulldog has seen its highest ranking in 100 years. Bob was the first bulldog registered with the AKC back in 1886.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Smooth Fox Terrier - Wikipedia

How New Additions Of 2010 Fared

The three breeds added to the AKC did well with their registrations. The Leonberger (also known as the Lion Dog)was one of the more popular large breed registrations ranking at number 33. The next new breed from 2010 was the Cane Corso at 51. The Icelandic Sheepdog followed closely behind with being ranked 82 in registrations.

New Breeds for 2011

This year, the AKC added three new breeds eligible for breed competition. This year, the Norwegian Lundehund, the Xoloitzcuintli (known as the Mexican Hairless Dog) and the Entlebucher Mountain Dog are the newest breeds of the AKC. There are now about 170 breeds in the American Kennel Club.

If your type of dog isn't highly ranked, that can be a good thing. Many backyard breeders and puppy mills will go after the more popular breeds. Good breeders like it when there isn't as much popularity because you will receive a dog who's been bred to showcase the most healthy and strongest aspects of the breed.

If you would like to read more about the dogs of 2010, follow this link.

Let's Discuss!

What's your favorite breed of dog?

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Friday, January 28, 2011

4 Things I've Learned From Dog Walking

Every job we do, we learn certain lessons. Dog walking has taught me quite a few. I feel that these can be applied to all aspects of our life.

  1. Don't Force Affection.
  2. Every dog is different. Some are very fearful of meeting new people or feel as if you are invading their territory. So many times when we meet a dog, we try to reach out to them to extend our friendship but a dog can see that as a threat. It's always best to let them sniff you because they use their nose the way humans use their eyes. Avoid eye contact until the dog is comfortable with you.
  3. Be Patient
  4. Patience is a virtue, and this is especially so with a dog. All dogs are react to situations in their own way. Some dogs have had traumatic or isolated pasts and in many cases, patience will go a long way. There are times I am walking Homer and he will fixate on a certain scent. Giving him a few extra moments to sniff is the difference between taking him home or chasing after him because he slipped out of his collar.
  5. Appreciate The Little Things
  6. So many times, we adhere to a strict schedule and get in a tizzy if anything goes awry. Dogs tend to roll with it. If they are walked 15 minutes later than usual, nothing major happens. Sometimes, all that a dog needs is to chase a squirrel or meet another dog. It's good to remind ourselves that the little things make the difference between an ok day and a great day.
  7. Your Energy Will Increase
  8. Doing dog walking on a regular basis has given me more endurance than I used to have. I always walked my own dogs at least two times a day. Add in five more walks a day and you notice the difference. You have to deal with unpredictable weather but the extra energy and endorphins are worth it.

Let's Discuss!

What valuable life lessons have you learned from your favorite job?

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What A Hairy Situation!

This video from Dyson made me smile as a pet owner. I thought I would share it here. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Happy Hump Day everyone!


Truly Cool Ad Photography

Monday, January 24, 2011

Black Dog Syndrome

We all have our taste when it comes to the kind of dog we have in our home. Some of us want big dogs, others would like little dogs. Some of us like dogs with sleek dogs, others want a fluff ball. It seems like black dogs more than others are not adopted as much as other dogs. In Los Angeles, their animal service department had 27% of their total dog population being black dogs. That's a considerable number.

Wondering Why This Syndrome Exists

While there is no concrete proof, it seems that the reactions of animal shelter employees speak volumes. One person was thanked for adopting a black labrador instead of a yellow lab. While it was no surprise that this dog was adopted, many black dogs are euthanized each year.

There is more than one explanation of why this is so. Some people believe black dogs are similar to black cats. Black cats are notorious for symbolizing bad luck and many put black dogs in this category.

Another reason that people are hesitant to adopt black dogs is the fact that they don't photograph well because of their black coat. This is in fact, a myth. With the right setup for a photo, black dogs will take great photographs. It's all about how they are lit and how the shot is taken. The picture of Gigi on the right was taken by a professional photographer using a high resolution camera. Gigi stands out and you can see every facial expression and nuance. Very few dogs are 100% black. Most will have other colors blended in with their fur.

A third reason that many people find these dogs threatening because of their look. I've had two black dogs in my lifetime. I had Blackie, a black lab mix while I was in high school and Gigi, my Lhasa Poo, now. Both dogs have been well-behaved and loving. I think many people have bought black dogs (along with pit bulls) for their intimidation factor.

Lastly, I think it depends on where you live. Some areas, you won't find a black dog anywhere and others have plenty of black dogs. Black dogs will absorb more heat in the summer because the color of their coats will draw in the sun's rays moreso than lighter colored dogs.

Overcoming The Myth

In general, it's not always about looks when you bring a new dog into your family. If a black dog has a great temperament and personality, it wind up being the best dog a person could also own.

To help fight this myth, there are organizations out there to help these great dogs find a forever home. Some good ones are:

Black Dog Rescue Project
Black Pearl Dogs

Considering a black dog is a smart way to find a wonderful dog that may have fallen under the radar.

Let's Discuss!

Does the shelter in your area have a larger percentage of black dogs compared to other dogs?

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Superbowl Fun For Dog Owners

Subaru, known for its "Dog Tested, Dog Approved" commercials is one of the most dog-friendly car companies out there. Their dogs, Olive (a black Shar Pei mix) and Zelda (a Golden Retriever Mix) are rescue dogs that have been featured in their car commercials. The commercials have been a huge hit.

Superbowl Game Day Dog Walk

Suburu is having a special event on February 6th for its pet owners. Since the average person consumes a total of 3,000 calories (3,500 net calories put on a pound) on Superbowl Sunday, it can only help to be active. You can sign up on their website to pledge to walk your dog on Superbowl Sunday. Participants will receive a special doggy package from Subaru while supplies last. So far, they have 2,333 pledges and counting. The website also has a dog park finder where you can take your dog for the day.

The company is also choosing to sponsor the Puppy Bowl VII and foregoing traditional game day advertising.

Wanna Pledge Too?

If you would like to more about this and join the thousands of people participating please visit their signup page at or their Facebook page.

Let's Discuss!

How do your dogs celebrate Superbowl Sunday?


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

My New Job

Hello Everyone!

Recently, I started a new job as a dog walker. Being that I'm crazy about dogs, I'm really enjoying the job. Being a dog walker may not be the most glamorous job in the world but for me, it is one of the most rewarding.

Dog walking has also helped me become more physically active and be more in tune with nature. I don't find myself needing to put on my iPod to pass the time, it's more fun to just listen to the noises of my surroundings. Probably the best thing is meeting new dogs and learning how to interact with them. All of them have different personalities that teach a lot.

It's only part-time and does require a bit of driving, yet the time I spend with the dogs is worth it. They also do petsitting but with Homer needing more of my time, I will probably just be doing the dogwalking part of it. I'm doing this to help while I go to school and launch my websites. Now, with the state of the current economy, it's important to enjoy the moment and not think too far ahead.

Let's Discuss!

What's the best job you had that wasn't planned but just happened?

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Just Fashion After All

Photo: Lauren M. Anderson

It happened in the middle of the night. Owner George Kalomiris of Crystal Lake, Illinois was taking his four-pound (8.8kg) chihuahua Chico out for a late night walk. All of a sudden, a great horned owl swooped down and tried to grab the little dog. Luckily, due to the fact he was wearing a dog vest, the owl could not grab the dog because its talons could not get traction.

The incident lasted all about four seconds. The owner was yelling and lunging at the owl and the owl flew away. He immediately took Chico to the veterinarian and aside from a superficial puncture wound on his side. If it wasn't for the vest, the owl's talon could have punctured his lung or even his heart.

He is extremely lucky and the only lingering effects is that he's afraid of the dark. All is can say is this little Chihuahua is a brave trooper.

Let's Discuss!

Do you know a dog like Chico that survived a similar situation?

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Tax That Is Deadly

Just when you thought that the lawmakers couldn't come up with more ridiculous laws, a town in Switzerland takes the cake. In Reconvilier, Switzerland, which islocated 100 miles (161 km) from Geneva, to fix the town's tax situation, they've imposed a $48.50 dog tax. Ok fine, impose a tax.

The Jawdropper

What happens if the tax isn't paid? The town will kill your dog. Can you say unconstitutional? If I were living there, I wouldn't stay there, that's for sure. Even more shocking is that this law was actually enacted from a 1904 law that actually did kill dogs. This town has 2,245 people and 280 dogs. Even though it's a last resort, the idea of this is awful.

The lawmakers are receiving numerous complaints and threats. In this case, with the world getting through a tough recession, the tax money isn't worth it.

Let's Discuss

What are your thoughts on this? Does your town have a crazy law that's similar?


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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why Michael Vick Needs To Steer Clear Of Dogs

Almost four years ago, when all this brouhaha came out about Michael Vick and his dogfighting ring, I was wondering if he deserved a second chance. When it comes to dogs, he most certainly does not.

The dog you see pictured above was Vick's personal dog Harriet. She was never fought and after being seized from the premises, she found a home fairly quickly. This was one of 60 dogs. She was one of the truly lucky ones.

By The Numbers

Michael Vick and his friends engaged in this sport for a short period of time. They didn't care about the welfare of the dogs. Dogfighting was something they enjoyed and a source of extra income. Not that he needed it, he was already a millionaire at the time.

If he didn't need the money, then it was obvious dogfighting gave him enjoyment. He was proud of the dogs who won and could care less about the ones who lost. Even when other members of his crew suggested to give them up, he insisted on ending their life.

Nine dogs were killed at the hand of Vick and his crew and buried in shallow graves on his property. 51 were confiscated by the authorities. One of the dogs in the shelter was so badly traumatized from being raped repeatedly, she was too violent to even go to an animal sanctuary. Another was euthanized because of medical reasons. Two of the dogs died in the shelter because of mysterious reasons. 22 dogs like Lucas (pictured right)were given a new lease on life at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary . Just one look at his face and you can see the numerous scars from the dogfighting they made him do.

Of the 25 left, 10 of these dogs were given to BAD RAP, a rescue group that specializes in rehabilitating Pit Bulls. The rest were split between other rescue groups or adopted into new homes.

Constant Lies And Cover Ups

When Vick was arrested, he maintained that he didn't have anything to do with killing the dogs. Flash forward to one of his associates testimony that he witnessed Michael Vick and another crew member take first try to drown the dog by taking the front and back legs and submerging the dog under water. When that didn't work, he was hurled to the ground with brute force, not once but twice, resulting it his death.

Vick has said he's a product of his environment. While that may be true, if he didn't like what he saw, then wouldn't he stay far, far away? Guess what? He did. So many people will see their parent smoke and are repulsed by it. Yet, they'll never go near a cigarette when they're grown up. Now he's complaining that his daughters will never have a dog of their own. Was he thinking of that when he started this in the first place?

Worst of all, he named his kennels Bad Newz. He passed it off as a boarding kennel when it was really a cover for dogfighting all along. He knew it was illegal but didn't care. He saw those dogs as a means to an end. He had no appreciation for them as beings, they were just property to him.

Vick Has It Good

Yes, he served 18 months behind bars. He had to file for bankruptcy. Still, no sooner than he was out of jail, he was given a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles. He was voted Comeback Player of the Year by the Sporting News, a few days ago.

For him to have a fulfilling life, he doesn't need a dog, nor does he deserve one. Even with his vicious treatment of dogs, he still has many football fans who enjoy his athleticism. There is even a website called Michael Vick Is Back where they praise him and sell t-shirts for this reason.

Some of the dogs that were seized are still traumatized, even now. Michael Vick steering clear of dogs is a small price to pay for the freedom and convenience his celebrity lifestyle gives him.

Let's Discuss!

What are your thoughts on this?

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Lost Dogs Book Review

The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick's Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption
The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick's Dogs and Their Tale of Rescue and Redemption was a book I ordered from Amazon right when it came out. However, due to the demands of my classes, I didn't get a chance to read it until I was on vacation. It also didn't help that the first chapter was very graphic. I wouldn't change a thing though because the grittiness of that chapter was very realistic.

That said, this book gives an clear picture of the Michael Vick dogfighting case. It is divided into three sections: Rescue, Reclamation and Redemption. While it wasn't the biggest case ever (that belonged to the folks in Missouri where 400 dogs were seized), it was the case to define all others. 51 dogs were confiscated and all of them had different outcomes. It's also important to note that not all of these dogs were not only pit bulls but also Beagles , Presa Canarios and others.

This book illustrates the mystique and misunderstanding of the pit bull breed. It shows us how Michael Vick's celebrity affected the case procedure. Tackling this situation head on involved people from all over the country. Most importantly, this book takes us on a journey with all of these dogs. It brings out the anger and disbelief of what happened as well as the hope and triumph for the dogs' future.

This is one of the best books I've read all year. It is written with a strong focus and an objective eye on a despicable situation. I picked up my book from Amazon. Here is the link for your convenience:
The Lost Dogs...

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home For The Holidays Wrap-Up

The Results Are In!

Home For The Holidays campaign officially ended on January 4. Here's are the results:

593,146 dogs

509,470 cats

23,051 other animals (including rabbits, reptiles, horses, birds and more)

1.1 million animals found forever homes because of the 3,500 shelters helping out all over the world. All of you who participated are fantastic. I hope you are enjoying life with your new family members.


Home For the Holidays

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pet Blogger Challenge

Photo: Maud Talêque

Hi Everyone! Today I’m participating in the Pet Blogger Challenge – conceived by the talented Edie Jarolim, author of Am I Boring My Dog and the fantastic Kim Clune, author of This One Wild Life. I learned about this through Go Pet Friendly and thought I would share my answers here.

And so, without further ado...

1. When did you begin your blog?

I began this blog in late March of 2009. I can't believe it's been almost two years.

2. What was your original purpose for starting a blog?

It started out as part of a blogging and podcasting class I was taking at the community college. We had to write five blog posts a week. Dogs seemed like the most natural topic to me. I was never at a loss of ideas of what to write. I basically kept it about being a dog fan.

3. Is your current purpose the same?

I think it's basically stayed the same. I can write really in-depth articles, report on worthwhile news stories or just share a cute video or picture collection. My goal is to inform, entertain and discuss dogs with fellow dog fans.

If not, what’s different?

The main changes have been adding the photo gallery and new themes. I've also become more comfortable with podcasting and am getting the hang of making videos.

If so, how do you feel you’ve met your goals?

My main goal has been to create a blog that celebrates the wonders of dogs,and keeps things in a positive light. It also has been important to me to write stories of substance even if it's not always a happy ending. Life isn't always wine and roses, and keeping it real has been important to me. I think I'm getting closer to accomplishing this goal but I believe that there's always room for improvement. Yet, at the same time, I think my writing and focus has strengthened since the blog's beginning. Another goal is to become more consistent with the posting frequency.

4. Do you blog on a schedule or as the spirit moves you?

I would say it's a little of both. Sometimes, I put out posts like clockwork and other times because of hectic times going on, I will post less frequently. I aim for
a certain number of posts per month. If I surpass it, great! If it falls lower, I don't sweat it. It's more important to for me to put up posts with strong content.
If the latter, do you worry about… well, whatever you might worry about (e.g. losing traffic, losing momentum)?

I do worry about losing returning readers the most because my rate of posting does fluctuate quite a bit. It can affect the momentum.

5. Are you generating income from your blog?

I've generated some income from my blog. I can't live off of it, but it's nice to know it's there. Any income is really a bonus for me since I did this for enjoyment first and foremost.

If so, how (e.g. sponsor ads, affiliate relationships, spokesperson opportunities)?

Most of my income comes through Google Adsense and Amazon Associates. I try to keep a balance because I am not fond of seeing blogs where all you see are ads.

6. What do you like most about blogging in general and your blog in particular?

I like that blogging has made my writing better and that you don't have to follow strict rules to be an effective blogger. I like the freedom of having my own blog because I get to write what matters to me and not just what is popular.

I like the friendships I've made with other bloggers. I've built some great relationships with some of the dog product companies too. Most of these friendships are with bloggers who write about other topics which has helped me to become a more well-rounded person. Lastly, blogging has helped me become less shy and express myself better.

7. What do you like least?

Promoting my blog is the least favorite part of the blogging process. I'm always fearful of overdoing it so I try to limit how often I tweet my posts to one or two times per post.

8. How do you see your blog changing/growing in 2011?

I will be trying to blog more consistently and am hoping to make this more of an active participation blog. I am going to not be as safe in what I write and stay true to my beliefs. I'm not going to shy away from controversy when it comes up. Most importantly, I just want my blog to stay true to its origins and become stronger and more focused for my readers. I also want to work on improving my design.

Let's Discuss

Are you a blogger? What valuable lessons have you learned this past year?


What I've Learned So Far

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Remember the story about the dog who was senselessly tossed out the window of a moving car? There's a happy ending for him after all.

Originally known as Ralphie by the staff at the Dupage County Animal Shelter, his real name is Bentley. Adopted as a puppy by Guillermo Roman(pictured right), this dog happened to slip through the slats on the fence one day when he was in the yard. His owner searched everywhere and had no luck.
Photo: Dupage Animal Shelter

Later, he had seen the news one day and realized that this puppy was Bentley. He called the shelter to let them know he was the rightful owner. It turned out that he and the man responsible for dropping the dog out the window lived on the same street in Chicago. After the waiting period was over, Guillermo was reunited with his nine month-old dog.
Photo: Terrence James - Chicago Tribune

He paid for the animal's neutering, something he was planning to do but hadn't done yet before Bentley escaped. This dog had a unique blood disorder where he needed a transfusion which Guillermo had done first. Happily, Bentley has also been microchipped so if the little guy ever gets lost again, he'll be easily found.

Justice Has Been Served

What happened to the person who dropped Bentley out the window? Sergiu Muresan, a 26 year-old man has been charged with cruel treatment of an animal. This misdemeanor charge can result in a $2,500 fine and up to a year of jail time, for him.

Let's Discuss!

Have you heard of great reunion stories like this one?

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Friday, January 7, 2011

The New Odd Couple

Photo: David Caird, Herald Sun

I came across the story of an unlikely couple recently. There was a female terrier and eight-week-old kitten found together outside of a factory in Melbourne, Australia. The dog is believed to be 5 years-old and has given birth to puppies in the past. It's for this reason that the little kitten was able to nurse off of her.

The only medical problem that was found was on the dog who had a case of mange. It is treatable though. The bond these two share is matched by few. The Pet's Haven Animal Shelter in Woodend, Australia is hoping to adopt them out together.

If you live in the Melbourne area and would like both a feline and canine in your household, you can contact the Pet's Haven Animal Shelter.

Let's Discuss!

Have you had a pair of pets that were an unlikely twosome? Have you heard of a similar story to this one?

Read More About It!

If you would like to read more about this dynamic duo, please visit:
Herald Sun

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Trials And Tribulations Of Naming A Dog

One of the toughest things to do when you bring a new puppy into your home, is finding the name that works. Max is the number one name for male dogs and Bella reigns supreme for female dogs. It isn't always easy but with some creativity and persistence, the right name comes in an instant. Getting to that point isn't always easy so here are some websites that may make it a little easier.

Dog Name Websites

Dog Names and More
This is a good website because in addition to giving great tips for giving your dog the right name, it also has a dog name finder.
Next Day Pets
This is a comprehensive site for dog owners. Not only does it have a great resource for names, it will help prospective dog owners find a matching puppy through their puppy profile.
Pet Names World
This website features names for all types of pets. It's categorized well and shows the origin of the pet name. It's a division of Nickelodeon so the design is geared towards children and families. Still, it's a very effective and creative one to consider.
Dog Names
This is a simple database where you search by category and sex of the dog. I like it for its simplicity.

iPhone Apps

Pet Names +
This free iPhone app offers around 3,000 pet names for any pet imaginable.
5000 Pet Names Free
This has a huge selection of names and is known for its search capabilities. The fact that it's free, it can't be beat.
Dog Name Generator Elite
This paid app ($.99) is cool because it's made for the iPhone and iPad. It's a bargain to me because it gives you great pictures of puppies as well which helps pass the time while you are searching for that perfect name.

Let's Discuss!

What's your favorite way to brainstorm for a pet name? How did you come up with your pet's name?

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Monday, January 3, 2011

One Day Can Make A Difference

365 Days Of Animal Advocacy

For Ashley, an animal rescue advocate, it started out with a simple idea—live life as usual and
help animals while doing it. She came up with an idea where she would wear a different t-shirt that showcased different animal rescue organizations each day. This would be for 365 days total. She started on January 1st and shows a picture of each shirt she wears on her website I Love Rescue Animals.

There are many 365 projects on the web but few are like this one. So far, she has collected 23 t-shirts from different animal shelters and rescue associations. This is a totally unique and original project and will give many organizations extra visibility. So far, Ashley is off to a great start.(Her size is Adult S in most t-shirts) Yes, there are ways we can all help.

Lend A Hand

If you know of a shelter who would be interested in helping this project, please have them send an e-mail to 365 at Other ways to help include spreading the word on social media networks, buying a shirt from your favorite animal rescue organization and sending it to them and they will need a skilled video person to help create a video compilation of her 365 day journey. If you would like to read about this project in its entirety, please visit their website.

Let's Discuss!

Did you ever discover an incredible animal rescue story? How did it change your life?

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all have had a great New Year's celebration. A new year is always the best time to figure out what you hope to achieve in the new year and what you don't want to repeat from the previous year. I am very grateful for all of your support and wish you the best of luck and happiness in 2011.

A Gift For TKD Readers

I created this free calendar wallpaper using stock vectors. It's in different monitor sizes you guys. I've never done a project like this before so any feedback is appreciated. If you don't see your size, please let me know.

Download Links
640 X 480
800 X 600
1024 X 768
1152 X 864
1280 X 720 Widescreen
1280 X 1024
1600 X 900 Widescreen
1600 X 1200
1920 X 1080


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