Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Run, Don't Walk

When Dogs Love To Run!

Dog running services are becoming more common these days. With many urban professionals working long hours, they come home too tired to walk let alone run their dogs. One of the oldest existing dog running services called Running Paws started in New York City in 2002. It started when one of the owners took a friend's yellow lab for a run in Central Park. Amber the lab loved it, and jogging with the dog, broke up the monotony in his exercise routine.

How Dog Running Works

Most dog walking companies will offer dog running as a service. Other places offer dog running exclusively. It costs about twice as much as a regular walk (even though prices vary). Dog runners will run a dog for 4 to 7 miles (6.5 to 11km). The one bright side is that a client will only need this done two to three times a week compared to walking dogs every day.

Many of the running programs are customized to accommodate the weight, size and age of a dog. Some of the benefits of doing this is that it decreases separation anxiety, helps to keep destructive behavior at bay and calms aggression.

Dog Running Services Reference

Here is a list of places that have dog running websites. Most of these are in America but you will find a couple abroad.
Company NameWebsite LinkLocation
Abby Loves Dogsabbylovesdogs.comAustin, TX
Atlanta Dog Runneratlantadogrunner.com Atlanta, GA
Austin Dog Runnersaustindogrunners.comAustin, TX
Bark, Get Set, Gobarkgetsetgo.comBoulder, CO
Brooklyn Dog Runnersbrooklyndogrunners.com Brooklyn, NY
Cape K-9 Cardiocapek9cardio.comCape Cod, MA
Chicago Dog Runnerschicagodogrunners.com Chicago, IL
Dash Dog Runningdashdogrunning.comBuffalo, NY
DC Dog Caredcdogcare.comWashington, DC
D Jogdjogmydog.com Seattle, WA
Dog And Runnerwww.dogandrunner.com Chicago, IL
Dogs On The Rundogsontherun.comPhoenix, AZ

San Diego, CA

Orange County, CA

Palm Springs, CA

Temecula, CA

Fort Collins, CO

Nashville, TN

Seattle, WA
DogStardogstarcharleston.comCharleston, SC
Donna's Dog Walkingdonnasdogwalking.co.uk Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK
Green Bay Dog Runnergreenbaydogrunner.com Green Bay, WI
Happy Trails Dog Runninghappytrailspdx.comPortland, OR
KC Dog Runnerskcdogrunners.com Kansas City, MO
Mainline Dog Runnersmainlinedogrunners.comPhiladelphia, PA
Marathon Dogsmarathondogs.com Flagstaff, AZ
NYC Dog Runnersnycdogrunners.com New York, NY
Paw Joggerspawjoggers.comCincinnati, OH
Run That Muttrunthatmutt.comFargo, ND
Running Pawsrunningpaws.comNew York, NY
Running The Packrunningthepack.comBoston, MA
Santa Barbara Dog Runnersbdogrunner.comSanta Barbara, CA
Trailblazing Tailstrailblazingtails.comLos Angeles, CA
Walks With Zarawalkswithzara.comChicago, IL
We Run Spotwerunspot.comDallas, TX
Zootzootpets.comGeorgetown, TX
(north of Austin)

Let's Discuss!

Do you use dog running services or prefer a simple walk?

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Remember Not Replace

Cosmo And Elvis 1995

One of the hardest parts of being a dog owner is when one has to say goodbye to their longtime friend. Over the past 29 years I have had dogs, those days have never been easy and come to quickly. You think about all that your dog meant to you and how empty your life is without them around anymore.

What can be even more difficult is the time it takes to grieve. All dog owners grieve in their own way. Some decide to have a new dog join their family right away. Others can't ever think of having another dog ever again. It's a unique bond, that's for sure.

I think that replacing a dog is a common misconception when it comes to bringing a new dog into your household. Dogs are irreplaceable. Even if they don't live as long as we would like, they will always be remembered. I think the best way to remember your dog is to help another dog by letting it become part of your life.

Time is the most important factor. Sometimes, a person needs more time to pass and other times time doesn't pass quickly enough. When I had Cosmo and Elvis (as pictured above), the loss of Cosmo really hit Elvis hard. He didn't know what to do and was terrified. He would pant excessively and had severe separation anxiety, even with one of our family members there. He refused to eat and after 10 days, it became a necessity for him to have a companion.

After visiting the animal shelter, my mom and I decided on Cookie. She looked nothing like Cosmo and was a female. This way Elvis would know her as another dog, not a replacement. It took a few days, but Elvis came to accept her as a companion.

Dogs don't live as long as us, but they live life to the fullest. They always teach us so many life lessons without saying a word.

Let's Discuss!

When is the right time to add a dog to your family?

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Goodbye, Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet by Gary Kowalski
Coping with Sorrow On the Loss of Your Pet by Moira Anderson Allen
When Only the Love Remains: The Pain of Pet Loss

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last Minute Gifts For The Holidays

As the holiday shopping season winds down, time is running out to pick up gifts. Getting the right gift can be a challenge so I've created a list that's ideal for the dog fans on your list. I found many of these products at a local pet boutique called Paws Pet Place. You can find many of these products online at Paws Pet Place online. Although, it's very close to the holiday, you may be able to get similar gifts at boutiques in your home town. Many people also give gifts for New Year's day so for those of you who do, this may get a good list for that holiday.

Cool Gifts

This dog bed is a gift for those who love to spoil their pooches. It's made of wood with a spot to engrave your dog's name, and a paw print design that can go on either side of the bed. Price: $110 USD.

Treat Jars are great and stylish. They're reasonably priced too starting at around $15.00 USD. Ceramic bowls are neat gifts as well. They are heavy so they don't slide around and can be thrown in the dishwasher. Most bowls are about $7.00 USD and up. All of these together are a fantastic combo as well.

For the dogs and their owner constantly on the go, these water bottles are a great gift. You can find them for about $4.00 to $15.00 USD depending on size and style. They can be found everywhere and come in handy on a long walk or run.

Interactive toys that challenge a dog are all the rage. These "smart toys" are great for dogs who need extra mental stimulation. So many times Homer plays with a toy and loses interest and gets his nose into something else. What I like about the Star Spinner is the different layers where food or treats can be hidden. It's made in the US by Kyjen and can be found anywhere starting at $15 USD.

These are great for the die-hard sports fan. Not only do they have dog shirts showing team support but you can also find hats, collars, leads and id tags for a person's favorite team. These usually start at $10 USD and up.

Stocking Stuffers

I found these at Paws Pet Place the other day. They're a great stocking stuffer for dogs.

Doggy Pops are a treat I came across last night. I had never seen treats like this and loved their creativeness. The pop part is made of peanut butter and the sticks are composed of different kinds of rawhide. This morning, I gave it to the dogs, when I went out for a few hours. Well, all of the dogs loved them. I picked them up from Pet Supplies Plus for $4 USD.

I never saw bones such as carrot bones made by Zuke's. These organic bones were bought in medium for $3.29 USD. These organic creations wound up being a little too big for the dogs so we substituted them for dinner last night. Did they think it was a regular bone? You better believe it! Homer was so protective of it, he waited by the door until he could go outside in the yard. Then, he went to the back, and buried it in the snow. Twenty minutes later, he wanted to go out again. After being let out a second time, he came back in with his bone and hid behind one of the cozy chairs in our family room to enjoy his bone in privacy.

Let's Discuss!

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? What are some things you like to get for your dog-loving friends and family?

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Kroger Pet Food Recall

Hi Everyone,

I received the latest news from my friends at Pet Food Talk and thought I would share it with you. If you or anyone you know purchases Kroger's pet food, you may want to pass this on...

On December 18th, 2010, Kroger issued an official recall of many of its pet food products which are sold under a variety of brand names.

Why Is Kroger Issuing This Recall?

According to current information, Kroger initiated this recall due to the possibility that the recalled formulas were contaminated with Aflatoxin.

What is Aflatoxin?

Aflatoxin is a naturally occurring toxin that is produced by a type of fungus. Aflatoxin may be present in grains while they are waiting to be processed into pet food products. Some of the crops that are routinely affected by aflatoxin include sorghum, rice, wheat, soybeans, corn and millet. Aflatoxins are one of the most carcinogenic substances known to scientists today.
What Are the Symptoms of Aflatoxin in my Pet?

Kroger has stated that there are a variety of symptoms that could signal that a pet has eaten food contaminated with aflatoxin. The symptoms are:
Yellowish Eyes
Yellowish Gums
Lack of Interest in Food
Bloody Diarrhea
Severe Diarrhea
If your pet has any of these symptoms, you should contact your veterinarian immediately to schedule an emergency appointment. Aflatoxin can potentially cause serious health complications and may sometimes be fatal to pets.

List of Affected Brands

This pet food recall includes both dog food and cat food. The following brands have been included in the Kroger pet food recall (according to current information):
  • Pet Pride Cat Food sold in 3.5 lb. packages with a sell by date of OCT 23 11 DP and OCT 24 11 DP under the following UPC code: 1111088128
  • Pet Pride Cat Food sold in 18 lb. packages with a sell by date of OCT 23 11 DP and OCT 24 11 DP under the following UPC code: 1111071357
  • Pet Pride Tasty Blend Poultry & Seafood Cat Food sold in 3.5 lb. packages with a sell by date of OCT 23 11 DP and OCT 24 11 DP under the following UPC code: 1111088152
  • Pet Pride Tasty Blend Poultry & Seafood Cat Food sold in 18 lb. packages with a sell by date of OCT 23 11 DP and OCT 24 11 DP under the following UPC code: 1111074580
  • Pet Pride Kitten Formula Food sold in 3.5 lb. packages with a sell by date of OCT 23 11 DP and OCT 24 11 DP under the following UPC code: 1111071903
  • Old Yeller Chunk Dog Food sold in 22 lb. packages with a sell by date of OCT 23 11 DP and OCT 24 11 DP under the following UPC code: 1111074566
  • Old Yeller Chunk Dog Food sold in 50 lb. packages with a sell by date of OCT 23 11 DP and OCT 24 11 DP under the following UPC code: 1111074563
  • Kroger Value Cat Food sold in 3 lb. packages with a sell by date of OCT 23 11 DP and OCT 24 11 DP under the following UPC code: 1111000018
  • Kroger Value Chunk Dog Food sold in 15 lb. packages with a sell by date of OCT 23 11 DP and OCT 24 11 DP under the following UPC code: 1111071559
  • Kroger Value Chunk Dog Food sold in 50 lb. packages with a sell by date of OCT 23 11 DP and OCT 24 11 DP under the following UPC code:1111000108

What States are Affected?

Kroger stores in the following states have currently been affected by the recall:
North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia

Other Affected Stores

In addition to this, the following stores in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska should beware of these brands which are sold in the following stores:
Food 4 Less
Jay C
Pay Less

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside!

Now that winter is here, all of my dogs love the snow. Cookie, acts likes a little pup. It seems the snow revitalizes her. However, cold temperatures follow, and there are some days it's just too cold to take the dogs on a long walk. Personally, I won't take them on a walk if the temperature is about 15°F (9°C).

Still, laying low doesn't help get that excess energy out of the pooches. Luckily, there are alternatives when the weather is too cold:
4 Ways To Keep Your Dogs Active When It's Too Cold
  1. Take them to a pet superstore.Stores like Petco, PetSmart and Pet Supplies Plus are great places to bring your dog. They can walk through the aisles and take in the smells of other dogs. It's also good for running into other dogs to visit.
  2. Go To An Indoor Dog Park! Here, you can have all of the benefits of outdoor play without any worry about your dogs getting cold. There is lots of space for them to run and interact with other dogs. Best of all, being off-leash is great for dogs because they can run free. They have staff on hand to address any questions that dog owners may have. It usually costs $5 to $10USD per dog.
  3. Go for a car ride.My dogs love the car. The one whose ears really perk up when I mention the word car is Cookie. The way she reacts, it's as if I read her mind. As much as dogs love to run and play, a good car ride will give them plenty of mental stimulation. Dogs love to observe and the change of environment, will rid them of the winter doldrums.
  4. Have a playdate! This one may be tricky because not everyone has an area in their house where dogs can run freely. Still, if your dog has built up a kinship with another dog, this may be a good option.

Let's Discuss!

How do you exercise your dogs when the temperature drops?

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Brilliant Move By A Genius Dog Owner

I was watching the news yesterday and was in utter shock when I head about a young puppy who was thrown out of the window of a moving car. The male puppy, an Australian Cattle Dog mix between six and eight months old survived. He was found by some employees of X Sport Fitness, who then called authorities. The road where this dog was discovered is a busy one. The speed is 40 miles(64 kph) per hour on that road. That young puppy is extremely lucky. The Elmhurst, Illinois police are not going to rest until they arrest this reprehensible coward. The dog is safe but not up for adoption at this time but probably will be soon.

Sadly, this isn't the only time an incident like this has happened. In Louisville, Kentucky, this past September some cruel person dropped a young female dog out a car window while driving. This was a major expressway where cars travel at 65 miles per hour (105 kph). "Hope" (pictured above) survived but had severe injuries as a result. The cost for her surgery was $12,000. She had been severely abused, and is very lucky to be alive. She had spinal injuries from this and it was questionable that she would survive. Almost three months later, this young girl is in foster care and still has a cast on her broken left hind leg. She is extremely shy around new people and surroundings. The primary goal is to restore her lost muscle mass since she has been on bed rest for so long.

The animal shelter to where she was taken has been deluged with adoption requests. There is also an $8,000 dollar reward from the Louisville police as well as, a $2,500 dollar reward from the American Humane Association leading to the apprehension of the individual responsible for this travesty.

Making Sense Of The Senseless

I will never understand what drives a human being to do such heinous acts like this to a dog. If I ever came across these people, I would love to ask them "Why?". Dogs don't ask to be taken in, we do it because we want them in our lives. I will never understand what drives a person to this. One bad act that happens in the blink of an eye, changes a dog's life forever.

Hope and the little puppy are the lucky ones. Many others don't have such a happy ending.

Let's Discuss!

What are your thoughts on either of these dogs?

Read More About It

If you would like to learn more about these wonderful dogs, you can read up more about them below:
Dog Tossed Into Traffic In Good Condition
Dog Thrown From A Moving Car - Fox 41
Hope, Three Months Later, An Update

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Get Off The Furniture Giveaway Winner

Hi Everyone!

It's been a long week that is still continuing. I've been in the midst of finals and while I've finished some things, I have to turn in a couple of projects and programming exercises. I will be back with a new post on Thursday.

We have a winner in our Get Off The Furniture Giveaway. See the video below to find out. Hope you all have enjoyed the weekend. A huge thank you to all you guys who entered. :D

The Big Winner!

Get Off The Furniture Giveway Winner from Elena Papastefan on Vimeo.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Rescue's Christmas Poem

Hi Everyone!

Since we're in the midst of the holiday season, I went ahead and did this month's podcast. It's called A Rescue's Christmas Poem. It captures animals and how they feel in a shelter beautifully. Here's the link you'll need...

A Rescue Dog's Christmas Poem

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Get Off The Furniture Giveaway

Catching your dog on the furniture, is always a frustrating thing for dog owners. There are times I'll find the dogs on sofas, chairs or even tables. Probably the only thing they've stayed clear of are tv tables.

Nowadays, dog furniture is becoming more popular these days. Major stores everywhere sell beds and pillows made especially for dogs. I think for a pet owner this is the way to go because the dog knows that piece of furniture is just for them.

Our Giveaway

To celebrate how our dogs fit into our home life, CSN stores is sponsoring this giveaway. One winner will win a $45 USD promotion code to use at any of their 200 websites.

Contest Rules

1. You must live in the U.S. or Canada.
2. You must have a valid e-mail address.
3. Winner will be chosen at random.
4. Only one entry per person.
5. Contest ends Thursday, December 9th at 11:59 P.M. C.S.T.

How It Works
You can enter it one of the following ways:
  1. Become a new follower and leave a comment.
  2. Tweet this on Twitter: I just entered Too Kool Doggies giveaway for a $45 prize from CSN stores. #GetOffTheFurniture
  3. Leave a comment below about your pets and furniture.

Special Deals!

You may want to check out these special holiday deals through CSN Stores websites:


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Good Luck Everyone!


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