Monday, January 24, 2011

Black Dog Syndrome

We all have our taste when it comes to the kind of dog we have in our home. Some of us want big dogs, others would like little dogs. Some of us like dogs with sleek dogs, others want a fluff ball. It seems like black dogs more than others are not adopted as much as other dogs. In Los Angeles, their animal service department had 27% of their total dog population being black dogs. That's a considerable number.

Wondering Why This Syndrome Exists

While there is no concrete proof, it seems that the reactions of animal shelter employees speak volumes. One person was thanked for adopting a black labrador instead of a yellow lab. While it was no surprise that this dog was adopted, many black dogs are euthanized each year.

There is more than one explanation of why this is so. Some people believe black dogs are similar to black cats. Black cats are notorious for symbolizing bad luck and many put black dogs in this category.

Another reason that people are hesitant to adopt black dogs is the fact that they don't photograph well because of their black coat. This is in fact, a myth. With the right setup for a photo, black dogs will take great photographs. It's all about how they are lit and how the shot is taken. The picture of Gigi on the right was taken by a professional photographer using a high resolution camera. Gigi stands out and you can see every facial expression and nuance. Very few dogs are 100% black. Most will have other colors blended in with their fur.

A third reason that many people find these dogs threatening because of their look. I've had two black dogs in my lifetime. I had Blackie, a black lab mix while I was in high school and Gigi, my Lhasa Poo, now. Both dogs have been well-behaved and loving. I think many people have bought black dogs (along with pit bulls) for their intimidation factor.

Lastly, I think it depends on where you live. Some areas, you won't find a black dog anywhere and others have plenty of black dogs. Black dogs will absorb more heat in the summer because the color of their coats will draw in the sun's rays moreso than lighter colored dogs.

Overcoming The Myth

In general, it's not always about looks when you bring a new dog into your family. If a black dog has a great temperament and personality, it wind up being the best dog a person could also own.

To help fight this myth, there are organizations out there to help these great dogs find a forever home. Some good ones are:

Black Dog Rescue Project
Black Pearl Dogs

Considering a black dog is a smart way to find a wonderful dog that may have fallen under the radar.

Let's Discuss!

Does the shelter in your area have a larger percentage of black dogs compared to other dogs?

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