Friday, April 30, 2010

The Runaway Dog On The Eisenhower Part II

The Latest

As some of you already know, the runaway dog that was wandering the Eisenhower Expressway is recuperating at the hospital. His name is Eisenhower and is being called Ike for short. I spoke to one of the employees and she informed me that the hospital is being deluged with calls. Since he has no collar, tags or microchip, Ike will be released to a local rescue group to be adopted. The hospital employees believe him to be between 3 to 5 years old.

More Than Meets The Eye

While speaking to Ali, an employee of the hospital on the phone, she informed me that the hospital gets quite a few pit bulls in their care. They actually have them for adoption because so many of the rescue groups are full and pit bulls are not that popular because of all the backlash from the media. I only wish they put as much effort in printing the positive stories about pit bulls as they did the negative.

If you live in the Chicagoland area, are fond of the pit bull breed, and looking for a canine companion, please contact the Hillchester Hospital for more information at 708-449-6300. Many of these dogs have sweet dispositions and will make an excellent companion.

Let's Discuss!

Has your town had a similar dog like Ike? Do you have a pet overpopulation problem where you live?

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Runaway Dog On The Eisenhower Expressway

April 28, In The Morning

It started yesterday morning when my mom told me about this news story on the TV. An unidentified dog was lost and wandering along on of Chicago's busiest expressways. This 23 mile (37 km) road takes commuters right into the heart of the city.

This black pit bull mix was weaving back and forth running away from Illinois Department of Transportation Workers. They tried to catch him, but he was scared and confused. As a result, this dog ran back and forth and then jumped into the Des Plaines river, swam for a bit and then darted off into the forest preserve. One of our television stations, WGN TV was able to capture the whole incident from their helicopter camera. You can see the video below:

April 29th, Early Morning

At 6:30 am, this dog found his way back and started weaving back and forth for two hours. However three of the police cars from the Broadview Police department were about to trap him between the fence. One of the officers called him over to him and put him in the back of his squad car. He was taken to Hillchester Animal Hospital where he's been administered fluids intravenously and is resting comfortably.

What's next?

They are going to keep him in the animal hospital for the next couple of days until he is claimed by the rightful owner or will be released to the humane society. One man thought this dog may be his dog named "Boxer" however, when he stopped by this morning, it wasn't his dog. Another woman called and said that was her dog but did not identify herself. The dog appears to be between 1 to 3 years of age.

If you would like to read more about this, please visit Chicago's Breaking News.

I will do my best to keep you all posted on what will happen next. Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping in.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Treadmills--The New Wave In Workouts

"Rufus" Photo From Flickr
I first saw a dog working out on a treadmill when I caught an episode of The Dog Whisperer one day. Pete and Ashley Simpson-Wentz had their bulldog working out on their treadmill with their leash attached. I was completely amazed.

Treadmills are a popular piece of exercise equipment to have in your house. You can use them any time of the year. You can use them for walking, jogging or hardcore running. Some health clubs are even offering dog memberships to their members. An example of this would be Auburn Total Fitness in California.

Putting your dog on a treadmill is a great way to keep it in shape.
  • It's in a controlled environment.
  • It it low impact.
  • It's indoors.
  • The workout can be customized to your dog's needs.
  • It's good for people who aren't able to walk their dogs.

Teaching Your Dog How To Use It

Just like any training regimen, this takes some time for a dog to catch on. Some high energy dogs like a Jack Russell Terrier will just jump on and go. Other dogs may be more hesitant since the noise and the moving band on the treadmill can be overwhelming.

A good article that I found shows the owner the proper way to teach your dog. It is written by Dr. Joe Spoo and can be found at his website. Another good resource for treadmill instruction are the how-to videos on You Tube.

Dog Treadmills

With the popularity of this exercise, in addition to treadmills for humans, treadmills have been created exclusively for dogs. What's the difference? Well, they have a lower weight limit and are made according to your dog's size. They also have side walls to prevent the dog slipping off. The third difference is they can cost slightly less than a regular treadmill.

Two good websites that seemed to have decent dog treadmills are and Hammacher Schlemmer. There's also a website called Jog A Dog, but I didn't care for the metal sides on their treadmill.

Still, human treadmills will work just as well but it's always nice to have an option.

Safety Tips To Remember

  • Always monitor your dog when it is on the treadmill.
  • Watch the gait for signs of overtiredness.
  • Make it a positive experience. Don't show you're nervous, because your dog will pick up on it.
  • Always use a leash first. If it's your preference, in time you can teach them to use the treadmill without it, .
Just remember, this is a process and not to get discouraged if your dog doesn't catch on right away. The results and benefits for your dogs health will be well worth it.

Let's Discuss!

Have you tried this workout for your dog? Do any of your health clubs offer a similar program? What are your thoughts on this workout? Personally, since I don't own a treadmill, I can't use this as an option but it's something to consider for the future.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Back-Up Plan

Well, I have to admit when I saw the commercial for "The Back-Up Plan" I thought to myself, ok here's mindless romantic comedy. Then I heard about how the movie is showcasing how dogs are being affected by puppy mills and I was intrigued.

Photo Resource: 3am
It turns out that Jennifer Lopez's character owns a dog named Nuts. Nuts played by Nubbins and two other dogs is a Boston Terrier who uses a dog wheelchair to help himself be mobile. This movie helps bring special needs dogs to the forefront. While there are some special needs dogs that require extra and costly care, many more whose needs aren't as great will have a much more difficult time finding a home.

I'm glad to hear that this movie is making adoption from a shelter an important message and the potential pitfalls that can arise with puppy mills. I have nothing against the dogs from puppy mills, just the people who operate them and cause these heinous effects in dogs.

This movie looks intriguing. While I'm not expecting a new modern-day classic, it would be nice to see to have a fun escape.

Let's Discuss!

Do you plan on seeing this movie this weekend? If so, what about the movie appeals to you?

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Extravaganza for Pets

Today is Earth day. One idea that Earth day brings to the forefront is how much we consume as a society. If we are not careful, our natural resources will be depleted. Pets are part of the equation as they become a bigger part of our lives. Some of these products may cost a little more than usual but the positive impact on the environment may be worth the extra money.

Many companies are striving to create eco-friendly products for both animals and humans. Here are some products that pet owners may be interested in:

All-purpose dog jacket from WestPaw

This is a great jacket for your pet. It protects your dog from the harsh elements and has special reflective material for night walks. It's made of 100% recycled polyester and is machine washable. It also has adjustable straps for the best fit possible A good place to find this jacket is Only Natural Pets which currently has these jackets on sale.

Squishy Pet Bowls

These pet bowls are made from flexible food grade silicone. They are completely free of BPAs and polycarbonates. They are manufactured by the strictest environmental standards and totally recyclable. They are ideal to take on a short hike or a vacation, too. These moderately priced bowls start at $12.95 USD and can be found at the Olive Green Dog website.

Eco Nap

I like this because it's simple and streamlined. You can use this and put it away in storage without it taking too much room. It's also good for lining a crate or carrier for added comfort for your pet. It's made from 85% of the fibers from recycled plastic bottles and has been certified as safe from ├ľko-Tex Association, which is a textile testing organization based in Switzerland. The Eco Nap prices start out at $29.00 USD for a small sizeand goes up to $96.00 USD for an extra-large size. Created by West Paw Design a good place to find these is their website.

Dog Digs Collapsible Crate

These crates are great for transporting dogs back and forth. They are portable and convenient. They're built by ABO Gear to be eco-sustainable. Priced at $79.99 to $99.99 USD. Available at Only Natural

Animal Rescue Greeting Cards

These are cards that were created to benefit spaying and neutering programs for pets. They come with a set of 4 different designs and sell for $15.00 USD. They are made from recycled paper products and all of the dogs that are featured are now successful rescues. You can find these at Earth Dog.

Recycled Plastic Leashes and Collars

Everything in these is 100% recycled and can be found for a reasonable price. The leashes are on sale for $15.00 USD and the collars are $12.00 USD. You can find them at

Planet Dog Natural Hemp Leash with Fleece-Lined Handle, Apple Green

Planet Dog Hemp Leash and Collars

Hemp is one of the modern-day textiles that is leading the eco-friendly parade. Derived from plants, this soft but durable material is safe for the environment. You can find this at Planet Dog's website or through Amazon for $21.95 USD. Collars start at $16.95 USD but you may find some on sale at Amazon as well.

Eco Bones Dog Toys

These stuffed squeak toys have been made with a trademarked material called Intelliloft. IntelliLoft® is clean, safe, re-engineered PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) polymer material that is made from recycled plastic bottles. It takes 8 times less energy to build toys with this material compared to making brand new toys. It has also been rigorously tested to pass safety standards. These start at $9.50 USD and can be found at West Paw Design.

Hurley Dog Toy

The Hurley Dog Toy is another toy from West Paw Design. This toy is unique because even though is looks like rubber it's made with a blend of a patented material called Zogoflex that does not contain, nor does any of its components contain any known sources of lead, cadmium, mercury, latex, natural rubber, phthalates, hormones, Bisphenol A, or asbestos. Hurley is just one of the types of this toy. It's guaranteed for the life of the toy and the company will give you one free replacement toy if it is damaged. It's excellent for dogs who love to chew. For earth day, West Paw Design has special colors for these products too. If you would like to see for yourself, this particular product starts at $9.50 USD at their website.

Poop Bags

Yes, this isn't a dog owner's favorite topic but a necessity nevertheless. A plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to decompose and require loads of energy to manufacture. Biodegradable plastic bags will decompose in roughly 45 days and are ideal for composting or disposal. Many of these bags come with dispensers that will clip on to your leash. Two good brands to try are Bio Bags and PoopN'Go. You can find these bags pretty much anywhere but the websites I liked were Ecoanimal, Muttropolis and Dig It Pet.

Eco-Friendly Websites
Cyber Canine
Dig It Pet
Earth Dog
Olive Green Dog
Only Natural Pet Store
Planet Dog
Raise A Green Dog
West Paw Design

Let's Discuss!

Do you plan to celebrate Earth Day? What pet products do you like? What do you do to reduce your dog's carbon footprint?

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Save A Dog on Facebook

These days, Facebook is one of the most popular websites ever. It ranks #2 on and takes up 41% of the social media market share. Part of the reason, this website is so popular is its applications. There's one that I use and I think if you use Facebook, it's a must to check out.

It's called Save A Dog. In this free app, you virtually foster a dog until they are adopted. You can foster up to two dogs. It gives you an idea of the time frame it takes to adopt out a dog. I like to choose the least adoptable I can find, so I can foster the dog as long as possible. In truth, many dogs  are never adopted out and it's just a tiny way to remember that.

There are tasks where you also can walk a dog or arrange a playdate. When you've accumulated 2,500 points, the monetary amount of a cup of food will be donated to the program. In turn, it benefits all of the shelters participating.

It may seem like a small amount however if enough people participate, it all adds up. What I love most about this program is, if the dog you're fostering is no longer in the shelter, they will tell you it's left the yard.

Best of all, it's a way for you to help dogs by just taking a couple of minutes out of your day while you're on Facebook. It's one of the least time-consuming applications out there.

Here is the link if you're interested in trying this out:

Save A Dog

Let's Discuss!

What ways do you like to help out shelter animals? Do you have any favorite applications on Facebook or any other social media site?

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Furminator Giveaway Winner

FURminator Medium Yellow Deshedding Tool with 2-2/3-Inch Edge

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to announce the winner of the FURminator Giveaway:

Congratulations to: Tannawings! Tannawings will receive a Furminator and e-mailed with the details. Thanks to all who participated. Below is a screenshot of the Randomizer results:

With summer just a couple of months away. I plan to do another giveaway soon. Thanks to Beth Hoops from the Furminator company who helped make this contest possible.

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Also, here is the link to Amazon if you are interested in checking out the FURminator products. Hope you all have a great day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Dog

Hello Everyone!

Today's podcast is a short story called Another Dog. It's about 20 minutes since most short stories take a little longer. Here is the download link...

Another Dog Podcast

I recently redesigned the blog with a new template. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you like the new design or prefer the old one?



Friday, April 16, 2010

Woof Hoofs Giveaway Winner

Hi All,

Woof Hoofs has announced the winner of their giveaway:

And the winner is...drumroll please....Jaymily Solano and Tigger! We think that Tigger's "tail" (pun intended) of getting scrapes and bruises on the trail best describes why we do what we do: protect dogs from injury so they can have a blast with their human companions.

So Jaymily, please email us at and we will email you the promo code to redeem your prize.

Amanda, we want Bristol to be able to "strut her stuff" on the trail too, so as runner-up we are offering you a 20% discount on a set of Woof Hoofs. Please email us at for your 20% off promo code.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for participating. We hope you will post pics of your dogs wearing their Woof Hoofs so we can show them off.

Also be sure to become fans of Woof Hoofs on our Facebook Fan Page to keep up to date on the latest Woof Hoofs news and special offers for our valued customers!

- Jim, Chief Cobbler, Woof Hoofs

Congratulations to Jaymily and Amanda! They will be notified by e-mail. Thanks again to Jim from Woof Hoofs for making this contest possible.

Please feel free to share your comments below. Have a great weekend.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sheer Determination

Photo Resource: Morgue File

Sometimes dogs have the ability to get themselves into tight spots. That was the case in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Two dogs, a border collie and a chihuahua, were trapped in a 500 foot mine yesterday. It was unknown how long they were there. The rescuers tried to lure them out with food as bait, but they didn't want to budge. The border collie was staying put and the chihuahua, refused to leave the border collie's side. Since their initial efforts did not work, the rescuers tried to regroup and attempted again this morning.

Flash forward to 7:30 MDT

A mine manager from the Cripple Creek spotted the dogs and was able to coax them into the truck with his lunch. Many dogs have been in similar situations where they've become trapped in that mine. It has been said that the mine is set up in a way that the dogs can crawl out of it.

Somehow, they've always to get themselves out. The rescuers were hoping that was the case and sure enough it worked. The dogs rescuing themselves just go to show how a little will and determination can overcome and tough situation.

Life In A Mining Town

It turns out that dog owners tend to let their dogs run loose in the mining area. Hopefully, a story like this will teach them to be more cautious when they let their dogs roam.

Let's Discuss!

If you live in a town where mines are prevalent, have you had a similar experience to Cripple Creek? What precautions do you take with your dogs?

Read More About It

If you would like to read more about this story in its entirety please visit the Gazette.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Perils Of Leaving Your Dog In The Car

With summer just a couple of months away, I'm taking my dogs more and more in the car with me. Some days, we'll go to the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru. Other days, we'll go to the forest preserve or the park. It's really easy to combine a ride in the car with an errand you need to run. Maybe you want to pick up something from the grocery store, maybe you need to go to the dry cleaners or maybe you're going in for some food you're going to pick up.

I know I have asked myself, what could possibly happen in five minutes? Still, I think a person really does not want that question answered. Even on a 70°F (21°C) day, just a few minutes in the car will make a dog uncomfortable and overheated.

So what can you do instead?
  • If you're going on long rides with them, make sure that you stop enough for potty breaks. Carry a travel water bowl for water breaks.
  • Try walking instead of driving. Need to go to the grocery store? Visit your farmer's market instead.
  • Take them to dog-friendly places. Many restaurants have outdoor cafes in the summertime, where they will allow dogs to sit outside on the pavement. Stores such as PetSmart or Petco will allow your dog to accompany you.
  • Use a travel crate or a doggie tote. I used to work at a shopping mall. It was a high-profile mall that catered to its customers. I asked the General Manager of the mall if I could bring my dog in the mall with me--although this was on Take Your Dog To Work Day-- and I was told that I could as long as the dog was contained. Cookie was the type of dog who fit into this oversized tote bag I had at home. She liked that much better than being in a crate. Still, it worked out because as long as she was by me, she was happy. However it's important that you check beforehand with the destination to see if they allow contained animals.
  • Walk with them and tie them outside while your are inside. This is not the best idea though. First, you have to find an area to tie them up. Second, you need to tie them up so the dog is not in the sun. Third, you never know if someone can walk up and walk away from your dog. Therefore, if you are going to consider this option, it may be better to forgo it after all.

Let's Discuss!

Do you ever take your dogs on errands with you? How do you handle that?

Thank you all for stopping in. I hope you have a great day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Faith, The Wonder Dog

Photo from: Faith The Dog's Website

A few months ago, I first learned of Faith. She was found as a puppy by the son of her owner. Her mother was in the process of terminating her life because she thought Faith wouldn't be strong enough to feed. Reuben, who was 17 years old, took Faith to his mom, Judy Stringfellow.

This dog had three legs, but the front leg was severely deformed and was starting to atrophy. There was no doubt that the leg would have to be removed at 7 months of age. The doctor removed her front leg and she was taught to move around on her hind legs. Her owners who are very religious, always believed that this dog would be able to adjust. Sure enough, this little dog has surpassed their expectations.

These days, Faith doesn't notice the difference. As far as she's concerned, she is just like any four-legged dog. She has made appearances at the Walter Reed Memorial Hospital to help veterans recovering from the war. She's appeared on various television shows like Oprah and Today. She travels around the country to inspire the lives of many people.

Photo Resource: Oddity Central

What Lies Ahead

In addition to her planned public appearances, this dog will be releasing a book called "Faith Walks", has a radio show called "Aboard the Faith Train" and has a special plush toy from Cher Marketing. All proceeds from the plush toy sales will benefit C.A.R.E. in the Great Strawn, Texas community.

Dogs like Faith show us how truly precious and incredible life can be. If you would like to learn more about this extraordinary creature, you can visit her websites:
Faith the Dog
Board The Faith Train (This website shows how Faith has inspired many of her fans.)

Let's Discuss!

Have you've ever met a dog similar to Faith? Has there been a dog that has totally inspired you?

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Reminder The contest to win a FURminator ends tomorrow night. Don't miss out! As always, thanks for stopping in and feel free to leave a comment.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hair, There and Everywhere! Our FURminator Giveaway!

Photo by Ralph Kelly

With spring in full swing, many dogs are shedding their winter coats. Cleaning up the excess hair can be a never-ending task for the owner. In honor of Too Kool Doggie's first anniversary celebration, the FURminator company is giving one lucky reader a free FURminator Classic shedding tool for their pet. Some of you may have read my earlier review.The lucky winner will receive a FURminator of their choice in any size. The 4-inch size is pictured below:

FURminator Large Yellow deShedding Tool with 4-Inch Edge

Contest Rules

In order to win, it's simple. Just drop a comment below about why you would like to win. The winner will be chosen at random. Only one entry per person. You must have a valid e-mail. The contest is limited to those who live in the United States or Canada. Contest ends on Monday, April 12 at 11:59 P.M.CDT.

Special Thanks

Thank you to Beth Hoops of the FURminator company for making this possible. They have a special Facebook Fan Page and you can follow them on Twitter too.

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If you haven't entered the Woof Hoofs Giveaway, you may want check it out before it ends this Saturday. See more here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When Dogs Sense Something Wrong

Photo By Laertes

I remember when I was in high school and I had to wake my brother John up for school. John was a natural night owl and getting him up before 7 o'clock in the morning, was like trying to wake a vampire. Every morning without fail, Casey would jump on the bed and bark at me, because he thought I was hurting John. As soon as I stopped, Casey would be fine, but lay a hand on John and again he would give me a piece of his mind. I suppose that Casey was responding to the urgency in my voice, which probably made him feel that my brother was at risk. Therefore, he was needed to protect him.

Earlier this week, I was reacting to a stressful situation that I was trying to work out by talking out loud. As I got more worked up, the more Cookie and Gigi sat there and fixated on what I was saying. They had that look which said they were perplexed yet interested in what I had to say. It was as if I was a schoolteacher and they were my students trying to understand what I was teaching. After it sunk in what was happening, I started laughing. My dogs turned into major stress relievers without having to say anything.

Heightened Effects

Although dogs can't talk, they can sense when we're feeling scared, angry, upset or anxious. It has been said that when humans get emotional, humans emit a scent into the air that dogs will pick up on. If a dog has a particularly strong sense of smell such as a beagle, they will pick up on it and possibly have an even stronger reaction.

It's mysterious and we may never fully understand how they are able to sense when things are awry. It seems like something that's just natural from within them.

Read More About It!

Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home: And Other Unexplained Powers of Animals
How Dogs Think by Stanley Coren

Let's Discuss!

Has your dog has an unusual reaction similar to the ones above? Is there anything extraordinary your dog has done in a similar situation?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

This morning, Gigi woke me up at 6:30 a.m. to take her out for a walk. After failing to convince her to sleep in for a bit more, I put the leashes on both dogs. Taking her for a quiet walk around the block, I was able to catch the sunrise on Easter morning. It was simply beautiful. The sun was a soft golden half-circle and the sky faded into pink, then lilac and then all you saw were clouds.

Sometimes you notice beauty when you least expect it. I hope you all have as beautiful of a day as I had this morning. Happy Easter to all!

Friday, April 2, 2010

3 Unique Ways To Keep Paws Squeaky Clean

Photo by: Stew McKay

Every spring after the snow has melted and I let Cookie and Gigi out in the yard, they come in with muddy paws. There are three dog products out there that help the dog owner with their quest to keep their dog's paws (and floors) clean.

  1. Paw Plunger
  2. Paw Plunger Large This is one of the coolest gadgets I've ever seen. It comes in three sizes: petite, medium and large. You basically take your dogs paw and swish it around in the cup. There's a video that shows exactly what you do when you use it which you can check out below. You can buy this through their website, Amazon, or other dog product web retailers.
  3. Paw Monster Cleaning Tool
  4. Paw Monster 3-in-1 Microfiber Paw Cleaning Tool This product reminds me of something you would use to dust. However, it's made to be durable to clean your dogs paws and it's machine washable and dryer friendly. You can find one online or at various pet stores.
  5. Spotless Paws
  6. Spotless Paw® This six-fingered glove works if you're right-handed or left-handed. It's made to hold 600% of water and dirt and is machine washable just like Paw Monster. It sells for about $19.95 USD and you can get it at various places online as well as the website.

Let's Discuss!

Have you tried any of these items? What do you do to keep your dog's paws clean?

I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. Thanks for stopping in.


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