Monday, December 7, 2009


Snow Boots


With winter just around the corner, it helps to be prepared as a dog owner. Today, I am going to talk about dog booties, which are sometimes referred to as dog boots. They may look silly on a dog but in the harsh winter weather, nothing could be better to protect their paws from the snow, ice and salt.

Why Booties?

Dogs skin on their paw pads can get easily cut from the rough, snowy surface. If the hair around the bottom of the paw is long, it can form tiny snowballs between the pads that can be difficult to remove. Also, salt can get caught in the paws' crevices. Rock salt is commonly used by most cities and towns. It's also toxic for dogs. If they are licking their paws after their walk, that's a hazard waiting to happen. Booties, will keep their feet dry and clean.

Their prices vary. You can get a set of Pawz rubber dog boots which come in a 12-pack for as little as $11.00 USD or a pair of MuttLuks dog boots for roughly $45.00 USD. These brands are the two most popular I've heard of. They usually stay on.

The Drawbacks

While booties may be a good idea for some owners they do have their disadvantages:
  • Some dog boots can fall off easily.
  • They may look silly.
  • They can be costly.

Maybe this type of accessory isn't for you. If that's the case, then I recommend applying Vaseline on the bottom of the paws or perhaps a similar ointment to protect the paws. It will form a shield and can be wiped off when you get home.

The only time I've used dog boots, was when I had my larger dogs, Cosmo and Elvis. With Elvis being a Rhodesian Ridgeback, he would get cold quickly and I thought it was a good way to keep him warm. I bought some inexpensive booties from the local Pet Supplies Plus and I was lucky if they only fell off one time during the walk. Other times, they would fall off more. Since then, I've haven't used them but if there's a quality product out there and when my dogs' paws have been correctly measured, I may try them again.

Do any of you use booties or dog boots? Do you like the idea or do you think they are totally unnecessary? Thanks again for stopping in.
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  1. Hi Elena, I agree with you dog boots are a neccessity not a fashion accessory, especially during winter. I design and sell dog boots and I think my boots address the three issues you raise in your article.

    1. They stay on: see video:

    2. They look cool: see picture:

    3. They're affordable: $24.99, see website:

    Nice article. Very informative.


    Jim, aka, "The Dog Cobbler"

  2. Hi Jim!

    It's so cool that you have started a company for this purpose. I love the Woof Hoofs site. Baxter is adorable and it's great to find a boot that falls right in between the other brands I mentioned. Hiking is another reason to consider this type of accessory. Thanks for writing.



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