Saturday, August 30, 2014

Honest Kitchen Nuzzles Review

I always embrace the opportunity to review treats. When I received the chance from, to review Honest Kitchen Nuzzles, I jumped at the chance.

At First Glance

I was really excited when I received these treats. The duck and cherry combo wasn't one I was familiar with, but I knew my dogs would always be up for trying new things. The heart shapes were adorable. They were small enough for my dogs like Gigi and Harry and big enough to satisfy a dog like Fancy.

This is a product that's environmentally-friendly and sturdy enough to keep the treats from breaking.I also was impressed that they have very few ingredients in it. Most of it is natural. Which is good for dogs because you don't have to worry about preservatives. Being a biscuit, it's good for the dogs to chomp away and keeps the tartar on their teeth to a minimum.

All About The Taste

Taste is important in a treat. It's what keeps dogs going back for more and brings loyalty. Meet my friendly treat-tester Gigi. She's my little Shi-Poo who has a discriminating palette that has her barking for joy when she loves something and turns her head away when she's not interested. When I gave them to her, she first took them in and observed (as you can see pictured right). It took awhile but she warmed up to them. The other dogs ate them as well, but not with as much enthusiasm as they do for treats like jerky treats.

The Final Analysis

I recommend these treats. They don't have the flash of a soft treat but it's something to consider when you want to give your dog a healthier biscuit than your typical commercial variety. The low ingredients is going to be more easy on a dog's stomach, especially if they're sensitive. And, you will feel better about it. Thank you again to for making this review possible.

Let's Discuss!

Have you tried the Honest Kitchen Variety? What healthy treats do you love giving your dogs?

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