Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Primal Chicken Shredders Review

One thing my dogs live for is treats. Whenever they see that bag opening, they bark with excitement. This month's review is a product called Primal Chicken Shredders. I received them courtesy of the folks from Chewy.com. The fact that these were organic and limited ingredient was very appealing since my dogs can be fussy about their treats.

At First Glance

When I first opened the bag, the chicken pieces came in a generous size. Because of their lined texture, they are easy to break into smaller pieces. There also were little shreds left in the bad which can be used a topper for your dog's food after all of the treats were gone. It has a natural brown color from slow roasting and then being freeze-dried. As you can see, two of my dogs--Gigi and Fancy--couldn't wait to have theirs.

The Test

Well, considering I have five dogs and the bag was just four ounces, these went very quickly. The dogs absolutely loved them. They ate them fast and there was no turning of the head. Other processed treats will render that result with my dogs, especially Gigi, who can be particularly discriminating in her taste.

The Final Verdict

I highly recommend these treats. They are sure to please even the most finicky dogs. They have grain-free and gluten-free and limited ingredients which is gentler on your dog's stomach. Hopefully, down the road, they'll have larger sizes available for people like me who have five dogs.The only downside I saw was the price. At $12.39 USD, that can be high for a four ounce bag like this. However, Chewy.com has them on sale for $7.99 USD, which is quite reasonable for high-quality organic treats.

Let's Discuss!

What is your favorite treat to give your dog? How do you feel about organic treats?

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