Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not Just Fashion After All

Photo: Lauren M. Anderson

It happened in the middle of the night. Owner George Kalomiris of Crystal Lake, Illinois was taking his four-pound (8.8kg) chihuahua Chico out for a late night walk. All of a sudden, a great horned owl swooped down and tried to grab the little dog. Luckily, due to the fact he was wearing a dog vest, the owl could not grab the dog because its talons could not get traction.

The incident lasted all about four seconds. The owner was yelling and lunging at the owl and the owl flew away. He immediately took Chico to the veterinarian and aside from a superficial puncture wound on his side. If it wasn't for the vest, the owl's talon could have punctured his lung or even his heart.

He is extremely lucky and the only lingering effects is that he's afraid of the dark. All is can say is this little Chihuahua is a brave trooper.

Let's Discuss!

Do you know a dog like Chico that survived a similar situation?

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