Monday, July 26, 2010

Two Dogs And A Goat

Many of you may have heard about the dog and goat found wandering together in Garland, TX that had such a strong bond, it would be difficult to separate them. It seemed that Minnelli the Goat would cry until Judy was close to him. The two animals had such a bond, the goat actually behaves more like a dog.

There have been a couple of twists in this story. First, the law in Texas does not allow livestock and domestic to be together. For a short time, these two were separated and Judy the dog was barking and crying the entire time.

However, the real owner stepped forward and brought another dog named Lucky. Lucky is unique because he only has three legs and will be adopted out with the other two animals. It seems that this situation was obviously an exception to the state law and the three animals will be adopted together. It helps that the original owner stepped forward on the animals' behalf as well.

Now all three animals are staying together while the two dogs are being treated for heartworm. There have been hundreds of e-mail inquiries to adopt this threesome. You can read more about these animals at the hospital's website. Their website even has a live webcam where you can see the animals in real time.

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Article from CBSTV 11

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What are your thoughts on this story? Have you owned animals of an unusual pairing?


  1. This is really interesting. Growing up in Iowa, I encountered goats on farms from time to time, and they can really be intense, high-energy creatures with strong personalities. The ones I saw seemed to be really, really drawn to people, like some dogs are. Goats will also eat just about anything. Yeah, I could see a goat & a dog developing an emotional bond...

  2. I've heard that they are high-energy. Thanks for your comment.



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