Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dog Mourns Loss of Beaver Friend

Losing a valuable friend is not easy to go through in life. It has been said that dogs experience loss just as much as humans. First spotted on Huffington Post, this video illustrates beautifully the loss that Bella experience when she lost her good buddy, Beavis the beaver. Hope you all enjoy this and please share your thoughts below.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

What The Heck Is Happening In Idaho?

Hi Everyone! Last week, I had competed in the web design competition I was had mentioned previously. It was a tough competition this year, as we had to do a website that was over 130 pages in size and had a team that dwindled from five people to two people. Still, we received an honorable mention and considering that there was a very tight race, we were very pleased with how we did. Now, I can blog more consistently than before.

 Also, thanks to have all who have commented during my time blogging. Just to let you know, I read each and every comment but will not publish spam comments. It's not fair to the readers and hurts the blog with Google.

The Mysterious Land Of Idaho

 Growing up in the Midwest, I never had visited Idaho. In fact, I only can tell you a few things about Idaho of the top of my head:
  • That it has very low pollution and beautiful land out there.
  • It's known for excellent potatoes.
  • Demi Moore and Bruce Willis called Hailey, Idaho home.
  • Boise State has had quite a successful football team.
Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

A Case That Makes No Sense

So imagine my surprise when I read about the earlier discoveries of four German Shepherd mixes who were bludgeoned and shot in the head. One was found last month in what seemed to be a ritualistic execution, where the dog's eyes seemed to have bulged out. This has been happening since November of last year as officials have discovered 30 dogs in this fashion. The area of Idaho is in the Twin Falls(see map below)and the Magic Valley Region.

View Larger Map

 The whole thing is disconcerting, perplexing and bizarre. So much so, that the Humane Society is offering a $5000 USD reward leading to the capture of these heartless killers. As for the residents of the area that may be targeted, keep an eye on your dog and a bigger eye out for any signs of stalking behavior.

Let's Discuss!

Please share your thoughts about the case below. I'd especially interested in hearing from those of you who live in Idaho. Thaks everyone! :)


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