Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Natural Balance Dental Chews Review

A Chew For All Dogs

Dental chews are always a challenge for me to review. When you have a dog like Harry, our Chinese Crested dog, who

has has very few teeth. My dog Homer doesn't like a toothbrush anywhere near his teeth. When Chewy.com gave me the chance to review these Natural Balance Dental Chews, I jumped at the chance.

At First Glance

In the past, I've usually given my dogs Greenies, which they absolutely love. Opening these out of the bag, I learned that these were more brownish in color. They also weren't as soft and flexible as the other dental treats I had given my dogs. I also thought the ridges on top were unique. The size of the treats were medium which were good for the smaller dogs like Cookie, Gigi and Harry and the larger dogs like Homer and Fancy. The one thing that couldn't be done was trying to break them in half. It was something you couldn't do with your hands

All About The Taste

So, really when you're thinking about it, it's all about how dogs like things. When I gave these to them, the dogs didn't lift their heads and tore right into them. They are grain-free so they are easier on your dog's stomach. Even Harry didn't have difficulty chewing them. Although they didn't pass Gigi's taste specifications, the other dogs really enjoyed them.

The Final Analysis

I'd recommend these treats for dogs considering that my dogs who liked them at them with enthusiasm. If your dog is finicky, you may want to tread with caution. They are a nice alternative to Greenies and cost a little bit less so those qualities balance each other out.

Let's Discuss!

Do you give your dogs dental chews?What kind of dental chews do your dog love?


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