Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Fresh Start But Has He Learned?

One of Michael Vick's Dogs at Best Friends

*Photo courtesy of MSNBC

The biggest piece of news that caught my eye was the fact that Michael Vick has now found a team to call home. Just over two weeks ago, he was allowed back into football. For all of you who live in Philadelphia, welcome your newest player. It has been said that Donovan McNabb was instrumental in bringing in this guy. It's nice to see that he stuck his neck out but after reading Michael Vick's comments, I just can't believe what he's saying. I hope he's learned something from this, but only Vick knows for sure.

There are three ironic things about this story. One, Philadelphia was one of 26 teams that had made a public statement that they weren't interested in Michael Vick. Two, Michael Vick's agent said that as soon as a team had an injured player, interest in Vick would increase. Sure enough, a player named Kevin Kolb has been sidelined with a strained knee ligament. I don't know if that was the Eagles' management main desire to sign him, but it sure echoes what his agent said about the interest increasing when he was shopping Vick to other teams. Three, most of the fans in Philly are optimistic about this.

Well, if Philly is ok with this, this is a business decision and the Eagles are willing to give him a shot good for MV, then more power to them. While it's admirable that he's working with the Humane Society, is it genuine or is it part of an act to get back into the good graces of the public?

I think if it's about football, and the NFL finds that he didn't violate their code of personal conduct so be it. Please keep him away from living dogs though. He can do public service announcements with a large poster of a dog in the background but I think he should stay away from real dogs.

He's in a situation that is very volatile. Once he's playing in the game, the public will have a short memory about what he and his friends put those dogs through. I know there will be some who can't forget, but one can't deny the popularity of football and nothing gives sports fans greater joy than seeing their beloved team win. Sad, but true. If you would like to see what other sportswriters are saying about this you can see it all at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Have a great night.

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