Monday, June 29, 2009

At The Vet's Office Part II

Hello TKD Friends!
Sorry I have been a stranger. I came back from being away for a couple of days to find out from Mom that Cookie (my little gray dog) had injured her rear leg. She loves to jump down from this table that she perches herself on when she looks out the window. The table was about three feet high. She was excited to see me but was holding her rear left leg up when she was walking.

We took her in this afternoon and the vet had to take some X-rays to see if her CCL (Cranial Cruciate Ligament) was torn. At best we could hope for a sprain. At worst, surgery would have to be completed. When we returned, after the tests finished, we went back to the office. Since Cookie is the breed of dog that has short legs, the vet had difficulty with the X-rays. After some time, they were able to get a fairly good result.

It turns out that Cookie may have a slight tear. It's not 100% torn but the knee joint is very inflamed. The doctor told us we could wait it out and see her back in a couple of weeks or have the surgery. Since the X-rays weren't 100% definite, Mom and I chose to wait it out. We have to take her back on the 13th.

Anyhow, I just want to thank you all for stopping by. If you would like to see my other vet's office post check out this link here.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Take Your Dog To Work Today

Dog at the Desk

Todayis Take Your Dog to Work Day. Most places in the US will allow you to bring in your dog. It's great to have your dog with you and it helps make the office a more lively place, if it isn't already. I was able to take my dog into work last year but since my work situation is different this year, I won't be able to participate. Still, if you are one of the lucky ones, you need to be prepared:

  1. Be in a place where you can take your dog out a couple of times to relieve himself

  2. Make sure your dog is well socialized.

  3. Bring a couple of toys or the dog's favorite bone with you to keep him occupied while you have work to do.

If you would like to learn more about this holiday please visit They are having a photo contest that is going on through July 31st, so if you have a great snapshot of your dog, it may be something to check out.

Lastly, if any of you have any stories of having your dog at the workplace, drop a comment here. I'd love to hear what you have to say. I won't be back until Sunday so I hope you all have a great weekend.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Diabetes Detection Dogs

Many dogs have an uncanny ability to detect things that humans can't because of their keen sense of smell. My Rhodesian Ridgeback could detect storms at least 15 minutes before they happened. Dogs have been known to sniff cancer in humans and now, they are training them to assist diabetes in people who suffer from the disease. Some of these dogs have such an acute sense of smell, they actually save the lives of their owners.

It all began in a 1992 Diabetic Magazine article when it was noticed that animals such as dogs, cats, rabbits and even birds had a dramatic change in behavior when their blood sugar dropped. One of the oldest organizations in the United States is Dogs4Diabetics. The founder back in 2003 had a dog named Benton with him that he had been training for as a guide dog. Before going to bed, he had a donut, and shot himself with extra insulin to compensate. In the middle of the night, Benton stayed by his side, frantically waking him until he made a point to recheck his blood sugar and raised it back up to the correct levels.

He later received Armstrong from Guide Dogs of the Blind because he had a great nose for sniffing but wasn't cut out for being a guide dog. Ruefenacht one of his friends who also had diabetes, to bring some clothes over when she had a low blood sugar day. Armstrong reacted the way they had thought he would and they knew this was something special. In 2004 Ruefenacht created Dogs4Diabetics. Their success has been phenomenal with many of their dog owners telling them their diabetes has never been under better control since they've gotten their dog.

It's not cheap to train these dogs. It usually costs around $20,000 dollars. One of the owners was able to have his dog trained for $9,000 dollars.

One of the most incredible stories of dogs detecting diabetes was when Belle the Beagle was taught by her owner, Kevin Weaver. He taught Bella to bite on the number 9 which was a way to speed dial 911. One day in February 2006 he had a seizure and Bella dialed 9 one his phone and alerted the 911 operator by barking. That day, she saved his life. In June of 2006, Bella was the first pet to receive Vita Samaritan Award in Washington D.C. It is an award given when cell phones are used to help people.

Organizations have sprouted around the U.S. and are also popping up overseas in places like the United Kingdom.

Here are some organizations who specialize in this training:
Alert Service Dogs
All Purpose Canines
Canine Partners for Life

Well, thanks for stopping in. If you would like to share a similar experience, please leave a comment or write me. Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Surf Dog Competition Results

dog surfing
Hi TDK Readers,

Well, the 4th annual Loew's surf dog competition was a smashing sucess. Dogs came to compete from as far as Hawaii.

Here are some photos of the winners

(All Pictures by John W. Glover):

1st Place Winner from Category One

1st Place Winner from Category Two

Zoey and Scott
Zoey and Scott Chandler
1st Place Winner from Category Three

For all of you who read the original article, the Loew's surf dog competition website has been updated. Here is the link to get the full report:

Surf Dog Competition Website

Have a great night all!
*Special Thanks to Anne Stephany of the Coronado Bay Hotel

How to Decide on the Right Dog!

little dog

Having a dog in your life, is a big responsibility. Having a dog is very similar to having kids. They are very sociable but need lots of care and attention. If you have been thinking about adding a dog to your life, you should consider the following factors:
  1. Do I have the time it requires?

  2. You need to be able to have the time where you are at home. It's not good to leave a dog by itself. Dogs need to be taken outside once every 6 to 8 hours. Also, many dogs can get bored and lonely. When they are not kept stimulated, they may find themselves chewing things they normally shouldn't.If you live by yourself, you may want to hire a dog walker, especially if you are at the office for long hours. Some of us are lucky and work in places that are dog friendly and may be able to bring the dog in for the day, as long is he or she is well-behaved.

  3. What breed type is best for my lifestyle?

  4. A border collie is going to have a much higher activity level than a pug. Do you mind a dog that sheds or do you not want to deal with hair and get a non-shedding breed such as a poodle. How does this dog get along with children?

    There are many factors in determining the right breed. On the Internet, there are many dog breed selector sites like Select Smart.

  5. Can I afford him?

  6. Nothing is harder than seeing a dog in a shelter or pet shop looking at you with those eyes and hoping to take them home. However, you have to have enough disposable income to raise the dog correctly. Food, shots, medical bills, leashes, training, and other things will factor into the cost. Many dogs don't need much, but to be a responsible dog owner, you should keep those costs in mind.

  7. Is it going to be an outside dog or an inside dog?

  8. Some owners want a dog to be outside dog. Others, want their dog inside. If you are going to do both, you want to be sure that the dog you find, is best for either.

Well, I hope this is a good start if you've been on the fence about getting a dog. What are your thoughts on having a dog? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. Have a great day! Thanks for stopping in.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Woofstock at Lamb's Farm

world's largest dog biscuit

World's Largest Dog Biscuit

Yesterday, I went with my mom and dogs to Woofstock, an event at Lamb's Farm. It was a beautiful day but since we had a whole bunch of rain the day before, it was kind of muddy. They had k-9 dog demonstrations, dog obedience demos and a whole slew of vendors. There were about 50 dogs there. I've included some pictures so you all could see. It also had the worlds largest dog biscuit. The biscuit was on a table over 10 feet (3 M)long and 3 feet wide (1 M).

big dogs

Big Dogs

two pugs

Two Pugs

k-9 demo

K-9 Demonstration

Dog Obedience

Dog Obedience

Also, here are some links of other Woofstock events going on this year:

Eureka, CA
Witchita, KA
Central PA
Chandler, AZ

Also, you may want to check out these related posts:

K-9 Cops

Last Day of Dog Obedience

Thanks for stopping by. If you happened to be at this event, I'd love to hear from you. Have a great day all!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Loews 4th Annual Surf Dog Competition

If you love to travel with your dog and want something different this summer, you may want to visit San Diego. It will be hosting the world’s largest surfing competition which will be taking place on Saturday, June 20 at the Coronado Dog Beach. It’s amazing that dogs could surf, let alone have a competition all their own, as I spoke with Anne Stephany of the Coronado Bay Resort Hotel about this incredible event.

“Four years ago, Loews being a pet-friendly organization, wanted to come up with a fun way for owners and dogs to spend time together.” It had a Learning Vacations for Pets program in other hotels and decided to start the Su’ruff Camp for dogs in San Diego, as a partnership with Teevan McManus, owner of the Coronado Surfing Academy. They had created special hotel packages for this purpose and the packages sold out during the first year.

Shortly afterward, the first surf dog competition began as a charity event so Loews could give back to the community. The event is organized by the Colorado Bay Resort’s Good Neighbor Council. It is a volunteer organization completely run by employees of the hotel. Every bit of planning is done in the employees’ spare time. The proceeds of the event will benefit Loews non-profit charity, the Modest Needs Organization. Since its inception, the Surf Dog Competition has raised over $25,000.

The competition is currently in its 4th year. It has garnered international attention from Japan, England, Spain and Germany. It has three categories. Category One is for dogs 40 pounds and under. Category Two is for dogs over 40 pounds and Category Three is for humans and dogs surfing in tandem. Entry fees are $50.00 for Category One and Two; and $55.00 for Category Three. Last year’s winners included: TJ, a Spanish Spaniel, Stoli, a Black Labrador and Zoey, a Jack Russell Terrier who won the tandem category with his owners Scott and Tyler Chandler.

The first year, there were twenty-eight canine participants and 500 people in attendance. This year, the organizers are expecting over 60 dogs and thousands of people as spectators. Dogs come from all over to catch a wave. One year, there was a dog from Alaska, and this year, there will be dogs from Hawaii and Arizona. The whole event is more of a festival including a special Chef’s barbeque by the chefs of the Coronado Bay Resort.

One of the best things about this competition Stephany says “is that you don’t have to be an expert to participate”. “One year, we had a dog walk in with his owner of the street and partake in the pre-competition practice session and come out with a first place medal.” She adds that “All dogs that enter are given a keepsake medal by Loews.”

If you would like to learn more about this, please check out their website at

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dogs in the News: Puppy Flushed Down the Toilet

For all of you who haven't seen this story yet, I just had to share it with you. It all started when four-year-old Daniel tried to clean up his puppy. The puppy was a one-w.eek old Cocker Spaniel named Dyno after the company who helped save him.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts or comments. Have a happy Wednesday all!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Checking in with Bo

When Bo Obama first came to the White House, it was one of the biggest news stories of the year. It's not every day you have a puppy in one of the most famous residences of the world, and two young girls were getting their first dog ever.

Well, now Bo is about eight months old. He already has a beanie baby named Bo that has sold out in most places it has been sold. He has a twitter account and has turned into the spokesperson for the We Are The Cure, which fights for a cure for canine cancer. Being a president's dog, he even knows how to shake hands. He will also be starring in a Marvel Comic Book about super pets. If you want more information, check out this link.

Check out the photos and videos below to catch up on our national dog.



Bo In June
Bo with White House Staff Member

Monday, June 15, 2009

Riding in the car with dogs

Many times, I'll take the dogs for a ride with me when I make the morning trip to Dunkin Donuts. To keep dogs safer in cars, many manufacturers have created special accessories for keeping dogs restrained.

harness Before Gigi and Cookie came along, I had Cosmo. He was a hyper, loving Siberian Husky mix. When I took Cosmo in the car, and he noticed where he was going, i.e. the dog beach, he would go crazy and start barking up a storm and going in circles.Elvis, his Rhodesian Ridgeback partner in crime would look scared and confused. Knowing that I needed to focus on driving, I ordered from Foster & Smith a seatbelt harness for dogs.

The one I had bought was the economy version. It worked pretty well, however when Cosmo would get so worked up, sometimes he would manage to spin around and get himself unfastened by the amount he moved around, and this would happen just as we got to our destination.

Still, nothing gives an owner peace of mind behind the wheel like these harnesses. They range in price between $6 to $32 US dollars. They are completely portable and don't take up much space.

Well, I hope you all have a great Monday. If you would like to find dog seatbelt harnesses for yourself visit:
Foster & Smith

Thanks again for stopping in.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cloning Dogs

Last year, we learned about the very first dog who was cloned. It cost over $150,000 US dollars to do this and the owner wound up shipping the cells to South Korea in order for the process to happen.

Cloning seems so unnecessary to me. I've had some great dogs in my life. Some of them died sooner than expected, but I could never imagine for myself having a clone. Having a clone of your former dog still doesn't change the fact that the dog that existed has been either buried or cremated.

Vampire movies have been made and are very popular. Vampires are immortal, they can never die. They are limited by what they can do in the world, but above all else, they are fictional characters. Why do I bring them up then? The idea of the vampire most likely arose from wondering what would happen if humans coudn't die. Even though vampires are immortal, they still miss out on certain things that human beings always took for granted.

I've had some dogs that have been my best friend. At times, I feel as though Cookie and Gigi know exactly what I'm thinking, but usually it's the opposite. I couldn't imagine bringing another version of them back. They are complete originals. To me, a clone wouldn't preserve their memory, but rather dilute how truly unique these dogs have been.

Also, there are too many dogs who are suffering out there without a home. All a person has to do is walk into their local shelter or pet store. There are plenty of dogs that are sitting in a cage, wondering what they are doing there and when are they going to get out. They have people taking care of them, but at the end of the day, they still go to sleep in their own little box. Dogs love the companionship of humans and other dogs; keeping them alone is one of the hardest things for them to go through, but alas is a necessity because fights are all too commonplace in small areas such as shelters.

If any of you have certain thoughts or opinions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for stopping in.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dogs in the News: Skateboarding Japan Style

Today, I woke up with the worst weakness and it seems that I've caught the summer flu. I'm hoping it's a 24-hour one but we'll see. Anyhow, you'll remember that I wrote a story about Tillman the skateboarding dog who is from California. Now, I've discovered a dog named Bazooka. He is from Japan. The English Bulldog got the urge to skate at only five months. I've included a link to the Reuters video so you can check it out.

Bazooka Video

Here is the Tillman post if you haven't had a chance to see it. Tillman

I am now going to get some rest. Have a great night and thanks for stopping in!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Wonders of Brushing

Brushing is something that should be done for all dogs. Even hairless dogs such as the Chinese Crested, should be looked after because they have a small area of hair that grows on the head and the legs. For dogs that don't shed such as the poodle, brushing is a good thing to do for them it keeps their hair from matting.

If you have a dog with a huge coat like a Golden Retriever or Siberian Husky, it helps them shed alot of their winter coat and gets them ready for summer. With those type of dogs, it's good to stop a little before you're done. Shaving isn't a wise idea because the hair that grows on those types of dogs, although it's massive, acts as an insulator for them by keeping the heat out. When you shave a dog, it actually can get hotter, especially if it's an outdoor dog.

I would say the two most important benefits of brushing your dog is the fact that dander is greatly reduced and that it keeps shedding to a minimum. Some dogs are impatient when it comes to brushing. I've had the best luck by starting out by doing it for 3 minutes. Make it a great moment of bonding by petting your dog by sliding your hand along the area you brushed gently. Tell your dog that he's a good dog and reward him or her with a treat if they are good sports.

Most dogs love brushing. There are different kinds of brushes to use. Slicker brushes are great for dogs like Cocker Spaniels, Poodles and Bichon Frises. If you have a long haired dog such as an Afghan a pin brush with rounded metal bristles would be more effective.

Another post on grooming you may want to check out is Brushing your dog's teeth. Now I must walk the pooches before Gigi goes nuts. Have a great night and feel free to share your thoughts. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

An important factor in getting a dog

After having dogs for several years of my life, one of the most important things in making a decision is that all people who live in the house are in favor of having the animal. If not, it can only stem as a problem later down the road. Dogs are very similar to kids. If you can't make a full commitment to caring for them and accepting the good with the bad, then you're better off without them.

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend. Thanks for stopping in. I'd love to hear your thoughts so drop a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Palladia, the anti-cancer drug

Yesterday, the FDA approved the first cancer drug for dogs. It was created by Pfizer and is going to be released for sale in early 2010. It's called Palladia and is going to be used specifically for mast cell tumors in dogs. Mast cell tumors appear in about 20% of the cancer cases that affect dogs. This pill can be administered at a veterninary hospital or at home by a caregiver.

This drug is a huge revelation because it is the first pill used to fight cancer in dogs. Since 2007 this company has expanded pet oncology research. Pfizer allocated over $300,000,000 dollars towards animal health research in the past year. In fact, all of the major drug companies have an animal health division to creat medicine for domestic animals such as dog and cats.

It works by preventing the blood in a dog's body from travelling to the blood supply of the tumor. What is most promising is the fact that it shrunk around 60% of the tumors in dogs that had these mast cell tumors. Before, doctors had to use surgery or chemotherapy to battle this type of cancer. Since this is an anti-cancer drug, there has to be extreme caution giving this medicine, especially if you are a pregnant woman.

As you know, all drugs have side effects. Here are some of Palladia's which tend to be mild to moderate:

  • diarrhea

  • decreased appetite

  • lethargy (tiredness)

  • vomiting

There are cases where dogs may have a more severe reaction and for that it's adviseable to contact your vet immediately and stop giving the medicine if you suspect that is the case. If you would like to read what the company has to say about this drug, check out the information here.

Well, thanks for stopping in kool ones. This news is something I am glad to have shared with you and I hope this drug becomes a success. Thanks again for stopping in. :)

A morning with the dogs

In the neighborhood we live in, there are plenty of rabbits and baby rabbits running around. This morning started out with me going into the yard and getting Gigi from the back bushes to take her on a walk with Cookie. I think that Gigi chewed on some dead leaves while she was back there but hopefully, it will pass through her system.

We went on the usual walk and I always let the dogs off the leash right as we get to our house. 9 times out of 10, Cookie will go to the back gate to wait to get back into the house. Today as she was rushing back to the house, she saw a rabbit out of the corner of her eye and was determined to get it. She chased it through one neighbor's yard, then another and by the time she was in the third, I had to be chasing her. Yet Gigi was running in circles in front of the house. At first I was going to bring her with me to get Cookie but the way she was running around, I knew I would feel better knowing she was in the house where I wouldn't worry about her chasing a squirrel too. After I told my mom that Cookie was out chasing a rabbit and I was going to get her, I started clapping my hands and calling her name with authority. I had made it to the last yard and asked "Where's my Cookie girl?" Looking inside the yard, I saw nothing. (Many of the neighbors in our neighborhood don't have fences.) Then when I turned around there she was standing behind me. Usually, I get mad when she runs off like that, but I was looking at her standing there with her tongue hanging down lopsided and she's looking in my eyes and I just couldn't. I then told her "Let's see Mommy." She runs to the gate and then just sat waiting for me. How could I get mad at her when she was just being a dog? Twenty years ago, something like this would have been a non-issue because times were simpler. Sometimes you just have to take things in stride and not get stressed by things that can set your day off course.

The morning didn't end there. Mom loves Dunkin Donuts once a week. The dogs love to ride in the car with me and I drive with the window open. Both love to stick their heads out and feel the breeze. I have the car set up so they don't get too carried away and can only put their heads on the top of the door. We went through the drive through and picked up the coffee and muffin breakfast. I always make sure to get the cup carrier so I don't have to worry about spills. I then got back to the house and had breakfast with mom.

Thanks for letting me share this story with you. I'd like to thank all of you guys for coming to visit me here at Too Kool Doggies. Have a beautiful day! :)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Dogs of Summer

Hello Everyone. I just thought I would do a dog pictorial of what reminds me of summer. Hope you enjoy these photos:

Photo by Inum

Photo by Larar

Photo by Duchessa

Photo by Mooserton

Photo by Kymmie

Photo by Franco Verdoia

Have a good night!


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