Friday, March 26, 2010

The World of Petsitting

It used to be, a person would go away for a few days and drop his dog off at the local vet or boarding kennel. Other times, you would ask a friend or family member. While that's an ideal situation, it can feel like an imposition at times.

Now, dogsitting is more popular with dog owners. It's so in demand that there are three national pet sitter associations. One of them, Pet Sitters Associates, LTD offers insurance with their membership. Pet Sitters International (They also are the founders of Take Your Dog To Work Day). and the National Association of Pet Professionals are renowned for being quality organizations as well.

Its Advantages

  • You know that the dog is staying in an environment that they are familiar with.
  • It's a good source of extra income.
  • It gives the person a change of environment.
  • It helps you understand the unique characteristics of each animal.
  • The dog stays used to its daily routine.
  • An owner doesn't need to have your mail forwarded.

Its Disadvantages

  • You have to put your regular routine on hold.
  • It can be a costly investment.
  • It may be for a long-term period.

What To Look For In A Great Pet Sitter

  1. They should get along well with your pet. Ideally, you need to have them meet beforehand to ensure that your dog is comfortable with that person.
  2. They are insured.
  3. They have a flexible schedule.
  4. They have reliable references.
  5. What is part of their service? Do they include dogwalking?
  6. Do they know first aid and what to do if an emergency arises?
  7. They are members of the professional association.

Let's Discuss!

Have you ever used a pet sitter? What do you do when your pet is away?
Understanding Fancy


  1. I have used a pet sitter before. He's awesome. The experience was great because my dog already knows him, and loves him. I think it is a great alternative to boarding. You never know who is watching your pup. My pup is like my child, so no way he's going somewhere strange.

    My pup is also a rescue that had abandonment issues.

    Thanks for the great post.


  2. Thanks Marty. Pet sitters are great. I can't agree with you more. Many of them do it because of their love for dogs and the dog's routine is the same as usual which is best for the dog. :)



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