Saturday, May 9, 2009


About seven years ago, I was doing dog walking as a living. One of the dogs was named Buster. He was a reddish-brown Pit Bull who was about two years old. His owner had saved him the day before he was about to be euthanized. Buster was found from a place that did dog fighting. He was either a bait dog, or used in fighting, the owner wasn't sure. You could see little scars on his face. Still, he was a happy pooch.

Buster loved humans but as a result of the fighting, had a tendency to be aggressive towards other dogs. To combat that, I had to be very careful of where I took him for a walk. If I ran into another dog, I would make sure to take him the other way and be super careful that I had a good hold of the leash. Some people would give me disapproving looks but I never took that personally. He was very strong and pulled all time time, but you could tell he loved every minute of his walk. There were times I would run with him to help him get some of that energy out of him. He was so appreciative. Even with a dog as strong as Buster, I never had a major problem with him because I knew what to expect.

Dogs like Buster is why I wrote the Misunderstood Pit Bull. I may have not stayed in dogwalking for longer than a couple of months that year, but Buster was a dog who would never be forgotten. Hope you all have a great day.

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