Monday, July 30, 2012

On The Go Giveaway Contest Winner

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to thank everyone for entering. I absolutely loved all of your comments and tweets. It took awhile because I had to verify everything.

This is the most successful giveaway in Too Kool Doggies history. I went to and came up with the following results:

You will find the name of the winning number below, highlighted in yellow.

  1. Olivia R.
  2. Olivia R Tweet
  3. Tabitha
  4. Linda Kwolek
  5. Linda Kwolek Tweet
  6. Unknown
  7. Unknown Tweet
  8. Amy Orvin
  9. Amy Orvin Tweet
  10. Anonymous #1
  11. Connie Black
  12. Anonymous #2
  13. Joana Arteaga
  14. Jennifer Barata Allen
  15. Jennifer Barata Allen Tweet
  16. Erin
  17. Brittany
  18. Anonymous #3
  19. Anonymous #3 Tweet
  20. Mayla Moore
  21. Kasi Hill Erwin
  22. Jenny Stanek
  23. Carol Roberts
  24. Carol Roberts Tweet
  25. Andalene
  26. Mia J.
  27. Barbara
  28. Barbara Tweet
  29. debbie
  30. bayctygirl
  31. Gale Nelson
  32. Trudy Z.
  33. sweepstakeslh789
  34. Tamra
  35. Tamra Tweet
  36. Jennifer
  37. AnnaZed
  38. jodi lasher Tweet
  39. jodi lasher
  40. polly
  41. makeetis
  42. Hair Bow Jenn
  43. Casey CG
  44. Tracy Webb
  45. Julie Bjerga
  46. Julie Bjerga
  47. Terra H.
  48. ellen_levickis
  49. ellen_levickis Tweet
  50. Anonymous #4
  51. Charlotte Cramer
  52. Lynne
  53. Charlotte Cramer Tweet
  54. Holly
  55. Holly Tweet
  56. Bee W. Bedard
  57. Bee W. Bedard Tweet
  58. Jennifer S.
  59. rookieabh
  60. Kris
  61. Kris Tweet
  62. MJ
  63. MJ Tweet
  64. Michael Dale Grim
  65. A Viola Player
  66. Whatever U Are...
  67. Whatever U Are... Tweet
  68. Kimberly B.
  69. Kelly A. Tanner
  70. angela
  71. Kelly A. Tanner Tweet
  72. slehan
  73. angela Tweet
  74. schueler1
  75. Tammy
  76. Tammy Tweet
  77. schueler1
  78. Cheryl
  79. Cheryl Tweet
  80. tawndam
  81. tawndam Tweet
  82. Tonya
  83. Tonya tweet
  84. Barb K.
  86. Tweet
  87. Liza Vladyka
  88. tls271
  89. Cynthia W
  90. tls271 Tweet
  91. Cynthia W Tweet
  92. Kapumaka
  93. Lynette Paige
  94. Lynette Paige Tweet
  95. slehan Tweet
  96. Donna C.
  97. Donna C. Tweet
  98. cristal78
  99. cristal78 Tweet
  100. cbowlingtn
  101. cbowlingtn Tweet
  102. Jeni Mitchell
  103. pmh
  104. Jeni Mitchell Tweet
  105. Candy
  106. wcaligirl
  107. amy beth marantino
  108. tranch
  109. Nikki
  110. Maegan Morin
  111. Kit Kat
  112. Kit Kat Tweet
  113. Shelley P
  114. Shelley P Tweet
  115. amanda hardesty
  116. Jackie
  117. Jackie Tweet
  118. Sherrie
  119. Sherrie C Tweet
  120. cstironkat
  121. cstironkat Tweet
  122. RILEKAT
  123. RILEKAT Tweet
  124. Shooting Stars Mag
  125. eclairre
  126. desitheblonde
  127. Kay Maher
  128. Kay Maher Tweet
  129. Katie Amanda
  130. scottsgal
  131. Donna George
  132. Donna George Tweet
  133. Stephanie H.
  134. Stephanie H. Tweet
  135. francis485
  136. francis485 Tweet
  137. Teresa Thompson
  138. Christine Jessamine
  139. vanderpug
  140. Shilo Beedy
  141. Paul T / Pauline T
  142. Paul T / Pauline T
  143. hhkaufman78
  144. ellen_levickis Tweet
  145. sparkedcat
  146. Lynn Brown
  147. Lynn Brown Tweet
  148. Ms Penny Pincher
  149. Gina Toothe
  150. kristy
  151. kristy Tweet
  152. thescreamingmeme
  153. Views From the 'Ville

Congratulations to Nikki! She will be notified by e-mail.

I'd also like to thank the organizers of this giveaway: Just Married With Coupons, Matter of Cents and Sweep Tight.

I will be having another giveaway soon. Thanks again to you all.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Street Dogs

Photo: Andrew Currie

In many parts of the world, dogs exist on the streets. There is either not enough room in the shelters for them or they are just left alone. Many places around the world, just let them be as if they're an another wild animal. Some are well-behaved so there's no reason to put them in a shelter. It shows that not all strays are dangerous and just live life day to day. Perhaps, not all people agree with this but it's a fact that all cultures are different.

Maybe those who have created those unnecessary BSL laws will realize they are used senselessly.Therefore, today's post is dedicated to all the sweet dogs out there who live their lives on their own.

Dog Riding The Subway by Adam Baker

Street Dog Pelotas by Guilherme Taveras

Perfect Specimen by Matt Lemmon

Dimitrova Street (in Russia) by Sergey

Iraklion Street, Greece by Lee Cannon

Homeless Dog In Russia by Andrey
Street Dog by Surya Prakash

Homeless Dog by Michal Zacharzewski

Let's Discuss!

Have you ever remembered a street dog you encountered while travelling?

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Don't forget that there's two days left to enter the On The Go Giveaway!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The WOOF Program

Photo: Miguel Saavedra

San Francisco has one of the highest homeless populations in the United States. It has the fourth largest population in California as well as the 13th largest population in the country. The city proper has a population of over 812,000 people. With a homeless population of 6,455 in 2011, it's no wonder that they are working to find alternatives to fight homelessness.

This is where I have to thank PETA. If they didn't make such a stink about the WOOF program in San Francisco, I would have never known about it. Last year, the San Francisco Animal Care and Control took in 500 more dogs than last year totaling 2,424.

What Is The Woof Program?

The WOOF Program is set to start in August of this year. WOOF stands for Wonderful Opportunities for Occupants and Fidos. Inspired by the story of Charlie Traywick, a homeless man who had bouts with severe depression. Eighteen months ago, he was dragged by a friend to a local animal shelter and came across Charlie, a bichon mix who was skin and bones. Charlie was so weak, he could barely climb a flight of stairs. Yet, in Traywick's care, he flourished and is now a regular dog. Traywick has been off the streets since and holds his head higher. This was done without the help of a program like WOOF.

This program screens homeless applicants who are mentally ill, have a history of violence or are hoarders. Any person participating in the program will be ejected if they are using the dog to help with panhandling. The dogs used for this program are either:
  1. Puppies who are too young to be spayed or neutered.
  2. Rowdy dogs who need to have their social skills polished.
  3. Fearful dogs who would benefit from having one on one time to make them more adoptable.
Most importantly, dogs with an aggressive streak or dog fighting history are not allowed into the program.

The program housing is supplied by Community Housing Partnership or other similar community housing organizations. Even more significant is the fact that the funding was provided from a donor named Venessa Getty who donated $10,000 USD as a grant for Animal Care and Control.

This program goes into effect starting August 1st. This looks like it may have great promise. Anything that may cut down on both homelessness and euthanization is definitely worth a shot. While I admire PETA's advocacy for animals, I think they have jumped to a premature conclusion without understanding the program fully.

Let's Discuss!

What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with Animal Care and Control or PETA

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Too Kool Doggies On The Go Giveaway

This year, Too Kool Doggies is happy to participate in the second annual Christmas in July Giveaway. This year, we are giving away a prize package worth $55 dollars from the Dog Breed Store website. One lucky winner will win the products below with a choice of either assorted breeds or a breed of their choice (only some breeds are available for the products below).

Clockwise from upper left: Travel Mug, Lunch Tote, Leash Hanger, and Dog Umbrella

How to Enter

One winner will be drawn at random. Enter a comment on why you'd like to win this prize package. Want a second chance? Tweet this on Twitter and link back the tweet. Extra tweets are appreciated by only one tweet will count.

You must also have a valid e-mail. Dates of the contest are from July 16th to July 27 at 12am EST. Be sure to check out the other contests below and good luck.

SChristmas in July Giveaway hop is hosted by Matter of Cents, Just Married with Coupons & Sweep Tight. Grand Prize is sponsored by Maggie Bags and is valued at over $600. Maggies Bags takes high-quality recycled material & gives it new life by creating sophisticated handbags that are eco-friendly! Save 25% off the Linear Line with Coupon Code: Christmas-n-July through 9/30. The 2nd Prize is an Ultimate Munchkin Gift Basket, Munchkin offers clever, innovative solutions to help make parenting safer, easier & fun. See more about Munchkin.


Let's Discuss!

Share your thoughts and comments below.

Conservative Management Yields Success

Cookie Living It Up

Many of you may remember last year when Cookie had not one but two torn cranial cruciate ligaments in her hind legs. At the time, surgery was not an option so instead we watched her to see that she wasn't overexerting herself and limited her motion.

This meant watching when it came to going up and down the stairs. Since our house only has a basement, I was adamant about keeping her upstairs. If she ever went down to the basement, I would carry her down the stairs.

Another thing we did was watch her during walks. If I noticed limping, it was a sign to take her home. As many know, dogs conceal more pain than what we see with them. Cookie is the type of dog that aims to please and she goes above and beyond when it comes to activities.

My mom and I measured her food so she wouldn't overeat. In the past year, it's apparent that Cookie has slimmed down. She still is barrel-chested for a pooch but her shape is more streamlined. I am certain that it's made a difference when it comes time for her to exercise.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes the road to recovery takes longer thank anticipated. With the right amount of patience, dedication and follow through, what was once thought impossible can be possible after all.

Let's Discuss!

Have you had a dog who's had a recovery like Cookie?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Remembering Lennox

Some things in the world happen but just don't make sense. In Belfast, Northern Ireland, Lennox the therapy dog died last night and the whole act was completely senseless.

There were thousands of people protesting his death. There were viable alternatives to killing him. When a Belfast City Council member is elected, it is their job to serve their public. Was that the case last night? I can't believe the people of Belfast would support their leaders for killing a dog that was made to be a scapegoat for a law that has had shaky origins from the beginning.

The Belfast City Council is not a small group. In fact, there are 51 people who represent the council from different areas of the city. They all belong to various political parties and have a vast age range represented. Yet not one of those 51 people could speak on behalf of the people that elected them about how wrong this was.

The First Minister couldn't even understand their decision and asked for Lennox to be re-homed. Victoria Stilwell, a world-renowned trainer offered them the chance to have Lennox leave their country for good, and it was disregarded. She didn't give up. She even waited on their doorstep and refused to leave until her case was heard. Yet it fell on deaf ears. Is this what the people of Belfast, Northern Ireland wanted? I think not. It is clear that the council members chose the path of cowardice to shield their egos.

Lennox was the brave one. Even when a trainer visited him in confinement he was shaking from fear. Yet day after day, he carried on. That's what dogs do. Yet, they said Lennox had a personality disorder in order to justify his execution. As Mahatma Gandhi said:
The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

Helping The Scars To Heal

Too many have been deeply hurt by this injustice. The 12 year-old daughter who relied on Lennox to help her handle her disabilities better lost her best friend. Her family who brought Lennox into their lives as a puppy, lost a family member. This was a social crime that became political because of blatant ignorance. Lennox may be gone, but the events of the past two years prove that you fight for the ones you love. No one did it better than the family that loved and adored him. My thoughts and prayers go out to them during this difficult time.

Gandhi also said:
An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.
The only action the City Council took was to show how strong their stubborn streak really was. This tragedy was 100 percent preventable. I hope the people of Belfast who are distraught by this international catastrophe remember that when the next election happens.

Victoria Stilwell said it best when I was watching her with Jane Velez Mitchell on Headlines News last night.
It should be about the deed and not the breed.

While I will never know the answer to the question Was it really worth it? I do know that there is one thing for sure. We will never forget!

Rest in peace sweet boy. Your life was special and nothing will ever change that.

Let's Discuss!

I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How To Keep Your Dog Cool When The Temperature Rises

The Heat Is On!

Dogs can get overheated very quickly on hot days like these. In the month of June, the Chicago area had 17 days where the temperature was over 90°F (32.2° F). A dog has a regular temperature of 99°F, (37.2°C). It doesn't take them long to become overheated in this weather. In fact, one day we had a 100 degree day which was hot enough to cook a chicken fillet in a reporter's car. (He had left it wrapped in tin foil and had his car parked in the sun for 5 hours. The inside temperature turned out to be 200° F).

One of the biggest mistakes dog owners can make is leaving their dog in the car for an extended period of time. The temperature inside the car is usually doubled compared to the temperature outside. If the windows are cracked open, the temperature may dip 3 °F, but that hardly makes a difference when the interior temperature is over 150°F (65.5°C). A dog can get severely affected when they are kept in the car.

Usually, I bring my dogs with me when I take out dogs in the early morning. However, the temperature has been so hot, I've left them at home. It's just not worth the risk because even though it may be cool in the morning, the temperature has been rising really quickly.

Here are some ways to keep your dog cool during this hot spell:
  1. Walk them early and walk them late. I will take my dogs out around 6am or later than 9pm. Usually, even if it's hot, it's bearable enough for a decent walk.
  2. Monitor the time they're left outside. Homer loves to be outside in the yard. However, even when he's in the shade, he's still in risk of overheating. If he's outside, I keep an eye on time time to make sure he's out there no longer than 30 minutes.
  3. Use a kiddie pool. Some dogs love to splash around. If your dog loves to play in the water, a kiddie pool filled with water and their favorite rubber squeak toys is a great way to keep them cool.
  4. Take them to the beach. Many municipalities have dog beaches where dogs can run and play. It's a great way for them to cool off and get socialized.
  5. Keep an emergency cooling pack available. Wet down a paper towel with cold water and wipe their paw pads, armpits and around their face. Dogs can't sweat the way we can. Another good thing is to keep a chilled water bottle when they can lie down by it. Throwing ice cubes in the water is a another good way to keep cool.

With a little extra planning, you can still enjoy summer with your dog and keep cool at the same time.

Let's Discuss!

How do you keep your dog cool in the summer?

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