Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Tax That Is Deadly

Just when you thought that the lawmakers couldn't come up with more ridiculous laws, a town in Switzerland takes the cake. In Reconvilier, Switzerland, which islocated 100 miles (161 km) from Geneva, to fix the town's tax situation, they've imposed a $48.50 dog tax. Ok fine, impose a tax.

The Jawdropper

What happens if the tax isn't paid? The town will kill your dog. Can you say unconstitutional? If I were living there, I wouldn't stay there, that's for sure. Even more shocking is that this law was actually enacted from a 1904 law that actually did kill dogs. This town has 2,245 people and 280 dogs. Even though it's a last resort, the idea of this is awful.

The lawmakers are receiving numerous complaints and threats. In this case, with the world getting through a tough recession, the tax money isn't worth it.

Let's Discuss

What are your thoughts on this? Does your town have a crazy law that's similar?


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  1. This is really heinous. And I'm amazed it would happen anywhere in western Eurpoe - it sounds more like something that a place like China would enact!

  2. It amazes me the laws these politicians come up with these days. I totally agree about it being heinous.



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