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There's An App For That

The iPhone is like no other. The interface is one of a kind and the amount of applications the iTunes store sells is too numerous to count. With all the applications out there, I found these twenty to be the most interesting for dog lovers. All of these applications can be used for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Free Apps

  1. Dog Sounds

  2. Dog Sounds
    This application helps users identify what different breeds of dogs sound like. System: Apple 2.2 OS or later.

  3. DogYears

  4. Have you ever wonder how old your dog is in human years or ever wonder how old you are in dog years? Well, now you can with DogYears. DogYears is a Dog to Human and Human to Dog Age converter for your iPhone or iPod Touch. System: Apple 2.2 OS or later.

  5. iPet Dogs

  6. iPet Dogs
    This is a social iPhone app for dog lovers. This allows you to adopt your own pet and interact with other friends use the application. This is for iPhone OS 2.1 or later.

  7. Off Leash

  8. Off Leash
    This application by the Eukanuba pet food company enables you to find places where you can take your dog off-leash. It's always nice to know that a cool dog park is closer than you thought. This is for iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

  9. Petcentric Places

  10. petcentric
    This app is good for dog fans looking for places that are pet friendly. It also tells you about pet friendly events in your area. This is for iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

  11. Puppy Pix

  12. Puppy Pix
    We all love puppies, especially the cutest ones! Check out this application to download, rate, and share amazingly adorable puppy pictures.
    Think you've got an even cuter puppy? Then add them to the mix by adding a photo directly from your iPhone and see what everyone else thinks.
    This is for iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

  13. Screen Cleaner

  14. Screen Cleaner
    This is the cutest way to have your device's screen cleaned. This app employs three very cute dogs to lick your screen clean. Simply choose one of the three dogs, and the dog you choose will lick your screen clean!

    The developers plan on updating the three dogs featured in this program, while all of the dogs in the Screen Cleaner Pro App. Choose carefully to update, as your favorite dog may be replaced by another breed or a cute new doggy replacement. (12 dogs seems like a bargain to me!)

    Get the original screen cleaning app which features 3 dogs for free, and 12 dogs with Screen Cleaner Pro which is $.99.
    This is for iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

    Paid Apps

  15. Adorable iSlider Puzzles Puppy Edition $.99

  16. iSlider
    This is good for people who like jigsaw puzzles, games, or brain teasers. Great to do while you're waiting at the doctor's office. This is for iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

  17. Advice Dog $.99

  18. This app contains a collection of the greatest Advice Dog moments: -Giant collection, with custom moments including: Emo Advice Dog, Japanese Advice Dog, etc... Can go through the story mode in order, or randomized. This is for iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later. No need to be connected to the internet.

  19. Bark 'N' Woof Ultimate Sound Box $.99

  20. Bark N Woof
    You can shake / tap or use semi-auto (tilt iPhone/iPod) or full-auto loop mode for non stop wOoF action. These are cool sound effects that should get your dog's attention. This is for iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.

  21. Cute Dogs $.99

  22. Do you spend countless hours at school or work visiting websites like: icanhascheezburger, cuteoverload, dailypuppy, and dailykitten? Have you ever received a coffee mug with an image of your pet printed on it as a gift? This iPhone application will deliver a brand new cute dog picture straight to your phone every single day! This is for iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

  23. Cutest Puppies $.99

  24. Cutest Puppies
    This application is a photo gallery for puppies. The best thing about this is the faxt that you never have to update, it does it automatically with new pictures for the life of the application. Sounds like a good bet to me.This is for iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

  25. Dog-A-Log $.99

  26. Dog-A-Log
    An application that gives you all the information on dogs from Wikipedia a dog fan could want. What's better is that the developers are constantly updating it.

    Dogs are sorted into groups by name, and you also have the ability to do a rudimentary search of the dogs. This should make it easier for finding information on the dog that you are interested in. This is for iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

  27. Dog Piano

  28. Dog Piano
    Lackadaisical pets? Unruly children? Insatiable need to annoy everyone around you? Dog Piano is the answer. It's like having a box of wiener dogs — in your pocket. Dazzle your friends. Serenade your pets. Start a band with Cat Piano. Everyone will love your doggy style.

  29. Dog Proverbs $.99

  30. Dog Proverbs
    This app will show you a Dog Proverb every time you shake or tap your iPhone. I think this would be one that would make a person smile. Choose a hilarious sound. Just tap the speaker icon and play it for extra Umph. There's a search screen to quickly find your favorite comeback.This is for iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

  31. Dog Symptoms by PetMD $2.99

  32. It may be pricier than most apps, but the PetMD Topic Center gives you fast and convenient access to hundreds of Dog Health Topics on the go. If you're always wondering about these things, this scientifically written application is a good bet. It is based off of the PetMD website. This is for iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

  33. Dog Training Guide-Silent Whistle $.99

  34. Whistler Features whistles from 8 kHz to 22 kHz. They also mimic a human whistle.
    There's lots of different types of whistles you can do with this app. You can even use the ultrasound whistle as a form of a human hearing test. Find out how your ears match up to others in your age group. Pretty wild, don't you think? This is for iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

  35. iSqueek $1.99

  36. iSqueek
    iSqueek is the first virtual squeak-toy that reacts realistically to your touch. Each toy compresses and expands utilizing the iPhone's unique touch screen and speaker capabilities. iSqueek includes 18 individual toys, each with its own unique action and sound. Press on a toy longer, or shorter, to create longer, or shorter, sound bursts and gain the attention of your dog. Choose from the many colorful squeak-toys to find the one your dog loves best. iSqueek will remember which toy you last selected, so that a favorite squeak will always be ready with one touch. Even if "squeek" is spelled wrong, (maybe it's an artistic choice?) this looks like loads of fun
    This is for iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

  37. Pix Pop Dogs $.99

  38. Pix Pop
    This is a matching game. The developers of this game say "Find it, pop it! This addictive new game is a joy to look at and even more fun to play. It's a hit with people who like matching games, jigsaw puzzles, hidden objects, and other visually engaging games."
    This is for iPhone OS 2.1 or later
  39. Puppy Jumper $.99

  40. Puppy Jumper
    Wouldn't this be a great way to spend a lazy day?

    The object of the game is to help Ollie the dog clean up Puppyville by recycling bottles and cans. Make sure Ollie jumps over the puppies as he races through the town on his skateboard.

    Tap anywhere on the screen to make Ollie jump. The one-touch jump control is great for casual gaming anywhere you can hold the iPhone/iPod Touch with one hand.

    The further you go and the more bottles and cans you collect, the faster the gameplay gets. How far can you go and how many bottles and cans can you collect? Find out and post your high scores to the board.
    This is for iPhone OS 2.1 or later.

Now for those of you who don't own anything like an iPhone or iPod (including myself), I will be writing a follow-up post called web apps. If you would like a place to browse App Shopper is an ideal place. If you are always looking for the latest deal, then don't miss AppGiveaway for the latest promotional codes. Some of the paid apps have free light versions but I guess it all depends on how much you're going to use them.

Well, thanks for stopping in. I would love to hear your favorite iPhone apps or any other feedback concerning this article. Have a great day!


  1. Hello!
    I have a friend that sure will love this apps.
    She loves animals and special dogs!

  2. Hi Vasia! That's so nice to hear about your friend. iPhones are definitely one of the most creative inventions ever. Thanks for writing.



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