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Why Michael Vick Needs To Steer Clear Of Dogs

Almost four years ago, when all this brouhaha came out about Michael Vick and his dogfighting ring, I was wondering if he deserved a second chance. When it comes to dogs, he most certainly does not.

The dog you see pictured above was Vick's personal dog Harriet. She was never fought and after being seized from the premises, she found a home fairly quickly. This was one of 60 dogs. She was one of the truly lucky ones.

By The Numbers

Michael Vick and his friends engaged in this sport for a short period of time. They didn't care about the welfare of the dogs. Dogfighting was something they enjoyed and a source of extra income. Not that he needed it, he was already a millionaire at the time.

If he didn't need the money, then it was obvious dogfighting gave him enjoyment. He was proud of the dogs who won and could care less about the ones who lost. Even when other members of his crew suggested to give them up, he insisted on ending their life.

Nine dogs were killed at the hand of Vick and his crew and buried in shallow graves on his property. 51 were confiscated by the authorities. One of the dogs in the shelter was so badly traumatized from being raped repeatedly, she was too violent to even go to an animal sanctuary. Another was euthanized because of medical reasons. Two of the dogs died in the shelter because of mysterious reasons. 22 dogs like Lucas (pictured right)were given a new lease on life at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary . Just one look at his face and you can see the numerous scars from the dogfighting they made him do.

Of the 25 left, 10 of these dogs were given to BAD RAP, a rescue group that specializes in rehabilitating Pit Bulls. The rest were split between other rescue groups or adopted into new homes.

Constant Lies And Cover Ups

When Vick was arrested, he maintained that he didn't have anything to do with killing the dogs. Flash forward to one of his associates testimony that he witnessed Michael Vick and another crew member take first try to drown the dog by taking the front and back legs and submerging the dog under water. When that didn't work, he was hurled to the ground with brute force, not once but twice, resulting it his death.

Vick has said he's a product of his environment. While that may be true, if he didn't like what he saw, then wouldn't he stay far, far away? Guess what? He did. So many people will see their parent smoke and are repulsed by it. Yet, they'll never go near a cigarette when they're grown up. Now he's complaining that his daughters will never have a dog of their own. Was he thinking of that when he started this in the first place?

Worst of all, he named his kennels Bad Newz. He passed it off as a boarding kennel when it was really a cover for dogfighting all along. He knew it was illegal but didn't care. He saw those dogs as a means to an end. He had no appreciation for them as beings, they were just property to him.

Vick Has It Good

Yes, he served 18 months behind bars. He had to file for bankruptcy. Still, no sooner than he was out of jail, he was given a spot on the Philadelphia Eagles. He was voted Comeback Player of the Year by the Sporting News, a few days ago.

For him to have a fulfilling life, he doesn't need a dog, nor does he deserve one. Even with his vicious treatment of dogs, he still has many football fans who enjoy his athleticism. There is even a website called Michael Vick Is Back where they praise him and sell t-shirts for this reason.

Some of the dogs that were seized are still traumatized, even now. Michael Vick steering clear of dogs is a small price to pay for the freedom and convenience his celebrity lifestyle gives him.

Let's Discuss!

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  1. Thanks Elena, this is the first time I've gotten the full picture of the Michael Vick dogfighting debacle. I completely agree that Vick's claim of being a product of his environment is a very lame excuse. Like you said, people can learn from the mistakes of their family and neighbors and choose a different path. Obviously Vick didn't and chose to use it as a sob story instead.

  2. He wouldn't be the first to refuse to accept responsibility for his actions. It's a shame. He can say what he wants, just keep him away from dogs. Thanks for writing in.



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