Monday, October 5, 2009

In The Doghouse: Jay Leno and Chris Rock

Doghouse Dwellers
(Note: Due to being incensed with the following, this post is written in a sarcastic tone).

Just when I thought life would go on and the Michael Vick saga would be a distant memory, Jay Leno decided to have a talk on "Politics" with Chris Rock on his show. One of their topics discussed was Michael Vick. This is an excerpt from their "brilliant" chat.

Jay Leno: "It's amazing to me that you mistreat a dog and you lose your career and go to jail for two years."

Chris Rock: "What the hell did Michael Vick do, man? A dog, a pit bull ain't even a real dog. A pit bull, that's the white stuff. Dogs are white mans best friend - dogs have never been good to black people."

I'd be very surprised if either of these guys are dog owners. Even so, I would think a person who doesn't own a dog could at least see the viciousness and senselessness of what Vick and his cohorts did. If Jay spent a day at Bad Rap or Dogtown, I think it would be apparent that Michael Vick's sentence was plenty fair. Sometimes, I think it wasn't harsh enough. For a guy who is playing professional football again and has an endorsement from Nike no less, I'd say he's pretty lucky compared to many others who have been in his shoes.

In response to Chris Rock's comments, if he can't tell that a dog is a pit bull, here is a visual aid:



Pit Bull

Even if Chris Rock was probably generalizing, he should know better. It's too bad either did not have the sense to realize that when this interview occurred. Yes, they are comedians and are going to stir the pots. However, they are public figures and should remember that some things are going rub people the wrong way.

Cruelty of any kind should not be tolerated or made light of. It's really tragic when you think about it.

What are your thoughts on this?
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