Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Oscar Foundation

When I was a kid, my dog Casey would greet us when we would come home from school. One day, Casey got hit by a car when he went outside. His injuries were massive, including a broken hip. We weren't sure if he would walk again, and it took two months for him to be able to walk again. Even so, he walked with a limp. At that time, dog wheelchairs or carts were not available.

Sometimes, when you own a dog, there are times when a dog will need surgery such as Casey's and the costs are not affordable. This was the case with Oscar. Oscar was found in a dumpster at only eight weeks old with his body shattered and his jaw broken. After considerable surgery Oscar was able to walk but it was decided that using a cart would give him the best quality of life.

The Oscar Foundation was established to help pet owners who are in similar situations to have the opportunity to afford these complex surgeries. Their application has strict requirements and will give a person the chance to give their pet the care they need when there is no where else to turn.

If you would like to learn more, you can learn more through their website. Since this is a non-profit organization, they will accept donations as well.

Let's Discuss!

Have you had a dog in your life that needed a serious operation like Oscar or Casey?

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