Monday, July 19, 2010

Bottle Rappers Dog Toys

Photo From: Genuine Dog Gear

Some dogs will play with a toy and just enjoy having it around. Other dogs, like Homer, are on a one-man mission to destroy whatever they can and they tell themselves it's just for fun.

I came across a toy that may be worth checking out if you have a dog who is an aggressive chewer. It's called the Bottle Rapper Dog Toy and is made by Genuine Dog Gear. It is priced at $13.95 USD and is manufactured in the U.S.

How This Toy Works

You insert an empty 20oz or smaller water bottle in there, close the ends and let your dog chomp away. It is made with microfiber so the dog can chew without the owner having to worry about bigger pieces of plastic cutting into your dog's mouth.

You can also try other objects. For instance, any squeak toy I give Homer, he will chew into the item and not stop until he's able to pull the squeaker out. With this, the toy could be covered and it will hasten the dog from destroying the toy inside.

Where to Find Them

There are two places online that you can order these toys:

Clean Run
Genuine Dog Gear

Let's Discuss

I will be writing a review soon on this toy. In the meantime, what toys do you use for your dogs who are aggressive chewers?

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