Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Agility Diaries Week 4

I have to say this was a good week for Homer. We had a smooth trip in the car, going back and forth to dog agility.

He's getting better at the equipment such as the bridge, the weave poles (which can be very difficult to grasp), and he seems to love the tunnel.

Aside from running out of treats, Homer's biggest challenges are keeping up his stamina for jumping and keeping his focus on me and away from the other dogs. I remember seeing an episode of It's Me Or The Dog where she used hula hoops being held in place to get the dog extra exercise. Since I am limited with what I can do with all three dogs, that may be an avenue to explore.

I did learn a couple of neat commands. Watch Me is where you hold a treat in both hands where the dog can't see or smell the tree. You need to grab his eye contact, tell him "yes" and then give him a treat.

The agility instructors couldn't stress enough of the Come command. It seems simple enough when you think about it, but a dog has really mastered it when you can call him from one side of the house to the other or from the back of your yard to the front of your house. Since Homer has a stubborn streak, I think this part of his training will be ongoing.

Let's Discuss!

What are some ways that you keep the focus of your dog? How do you build their stamina?

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