Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Agility Diaries Week 6

Week 6

Well, this week was a little more unusual compared to others when it comes to Homer. For one thing, he was a naughty dog earlier in the day and pulled a fast one when my mom was getting the mail. One minute he was sleeping, the next minute he darted out the door and down the street.

At first, I was searching for him on foot. By the time I got home, I called the police department and one of my neighbors. Sure enough, shortly after I called the police department, I received a call from one of my neighbors. Luckily, they lived about a block away, and the lure of their outside lunch attracted Homer's strong sense of smell. After an hour, all was right with the world.

Time For Class!

This week, we only had two in our group. It was good because Homer got some more time than he would with the usual amount of dogs. Homer is progressing nicely. Considering he's never done agility before this class, he has a knack for learning these objects. One of the teachers worked with him on the weave poles and he seemed to remember exactly what needed to be done. He had no problem jumping through the tire.

The second half of the class was spent getting him to run across the bridge and dogwalk. Probably the most difficult was having him stop and sit. I've been trying to build his stamina by running him more and I think it's been working. What's most surprising to me is his attitude. He's so calm about everything. Usually, he's a huge worrywart but with agility, he seems like he is a natural.

The biggest obstacles to his progress is hearing or seeing other dogs that are adjacent to the area we 're in. One of the most exciting things is having him going off-leash to accomplish his tasks. Next week will be the final class. I hope to be able to take pictures and video for you guys.

Let's Discuss!

For all of you who've taken an agility class, what was the learning curve for your dog? Did they love it or just put up with it?

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