Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Dogpedic Infomercial

Last night, I was finishing up watching Top Chef. I then came across a channel called Buzz in the guide and there was a show called Dogpedic in progress. I flipped over to it and checked it out.

Let me just start out by saying, I rarely watch infomercials. It drives me crazy how they drive home their point over and over during the hour. Still, Montel Williams (yes, that one), was hosting this gig and I was intrigued by what was going to happen.

In the half-hour that I was watching, I saw a Border Collie mix dog that does freestyle dancing named Gin, another poodle mix dog who could bark "I love you" and a Jack Russell Terrier named Uggie who could skateboard.

It was interesting to hear all about this bed. It seems ideal for an older dog like Cookie. Made with memory foam (the same material as Tempurpedic Beds) it conforms to your dogs shape. The bed seems to be reasonably priced. So, there may be a review for this in the future.

Pawsitively Fabulous Contest

If you are a dog owner who has the ultimate picture of your dog, you may want to give this contest a shot. The winner will win $10,000 USD, a feature in the next infomercial as well as having their photo on the product box. only one entry per person allowed. Any multiple entries will be duplicated. This contest is running through the end of the year (12/31/10).

If you would like to find more details about the contest you may want to visit the website.

Let's Discuss!

Have you seen the Dogpedic infomercial? What are your thoughts on this product?

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