Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When The Sun's Rays Come Into Play

Photo by C. Janssen from Morgue File

More and more these days the effects of the sun are getting stronger. As a child, I could go out into the sun, and get a nice brown look on my arms. Now, I get a burn that I'm lucky if it turns into a tan.

I was talking to my friend on Twitter and we discussed how we have to be careful not to keep our sun-loving dogs in the sun too long. Dogs are very much like us when it comes to the sun. They may be furry but their nose, belly and ears can be susceptible to sunburn. Light-colored dogs and hairless dogs are susceptible as well. Examples of these breeds would be the Chinese Crested, Greyhound and Chihuahua.

Protect Them!

If your dog loves to be out in the sun, there are two really effective methods to protect them.


Yes, they really do make sunscreen for dogs. All chuckling aside, these are made not to irritate your dog's skin. You have to let the product dry and believe me, the dogs will want to lick it off. A good diversion is giving the dog a treat while applying it.

From what I saw, I liked these brands of sunscreen best. Since dog sunscreen is hard to find, I was able to find these at the Amazon.com website.
  • Doggles Pet Sunscreen
    This tiny bottle will come in handy for your dog. The most effective way to apply a spray is to spray it into your hands and then apply to the areas. Spraying it directly may scare your dog.

  • Epi-Pet Sun Protector Sunscreen Spray

    I like this one because it comes in a much bigger bottle. It's approved by 94% of veterinarians and made specifically for dogs. It costs $17.95 USD at Amazon but offers a good source of protection for your pooch. You ought to see the before and after pictures at their website.

    Pet Guard Gel with Sunscreen 8oz
  • Pet Guard Gel With Sunscreen
    This product works well since it not only protects your dog from the sun but protects your animal from insect bites. It's a gel so it will stay on better but you still have to watch that your dog doesn't lick the product while it's wet.


PlayaPup UV Protective Rash Guard Shirt in Green, MediumTuga Sunwear has created protective clothing for dogs. These are a lightweight and fitted with a SPF of 50. They dry quickly too. For dogs who love to swim or surf, these are ideal. If you don't like the idea of applying sunscreen, this may be a great alternative. They range in price from $19 to $29 USD.

Summing It All Up!

You can stay ahead of the sun's damage with some prudent planning. Dogs with lots of fur have a good source of natural protection against the UV fans. Dogs with lighter colored fur and skin are more susceptible to damage. If these measures seem excessive, it's best to have your dog avoid the sun during peak hours.

Let's Discuss!

What are some ways do you keep your dog safe in the sun? What are your favorite products to use?

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