Monday, March 1, 2010

What were they thinking?

Last week, Bill Brady, one of Illinois' state senators, had backed a bill allowing up to ten animals to be euthanized at once.  It was a suggestion by a local veterinarian. What were they thinking?

Animal shelters are out there to help animals. If animals have to be euthanized, it should be as a last resort. How does euthanizing ten animals at once help that? These shelters are the last place some unfortunate animals will ever see. When did numbers eliminated come before showing compassion?

So many pets have the capacity to love and just want a home. Why would anyone working in a shelter take that lightly? It was a huge misstep by the politician but I fault the person who suggested this idea more. Killing a bunch of dogs in a gas chamber? Why? Is it all about cost-efficiency? It's bad enough that any of these dogs have to be euthanized at all. I can only imagine what the animal welfare workers go through every day they have to do that part of the job.

Here is the article from the  Sun-Times in its entirety.

That's all I really have to say. If you would like to share your thoughts please do. I am still fuming about this to make much sense. Thank goodness it's been shelved.

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