Friday, March 12, 2010

DVD Review: Hachi, A Dog's Tale

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Yesterday, I rented Hachi, A Dog's Tale from the video store. I had wanted to see this in the movie theatres but for some reason it was a straight to DVD release instead. I have no idea why. This movie is exceptional.

The movie is based on one of Japan's most beloved dog stories. Hachiko is a national treasure there and a movie was made in Japan about this in 1987. Richard Gere stars in this remake and everything about it illustrates the story beautifully.

It begins at a local train station when Parker Wilson (Richard Gere) finds Hachi in his crate at the train station. He brings him home and his wife who initially doesn't want a dog but then has a change of heart. It shows how the two bond and the strength and beauty of this dog/owner bond.

Hachi: A Dog's TaleIt's a movie that will make you laugh and make you cry. The acting is exceptional and the writing is strong. It's beautifully directed and captures the nostalgic charm of Rhode Island. If you're a dog lover and are looking for a good movie, this is one not to miss. If you've wondered about dogs but never understood the fanfare, this movie is a great teacher. Although this movie is rated G, if you have children I recommend that they are at least eight-years-old and older, since death is a prevalent theme in this movie and may be a difficult topic for a younger child to fully comprehend.

Side Note

There's one thing to remember about Akitas. Don't let their beauty and devotion fool you. They require an experienced owner because this breed can have an aggressive streak. Movies like Hachiko will bring an increased interest in this breed and if this breed appeals to you, it's important to do the research first.

Well, if any of you have seen this movie, I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks for stopping in and I hope you have a great weekend.
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