Thursday, March 18, 2010

Flash Drives That Are Going To The Dogs

Flash drives have made the 3.5 inch floppy disk obsolete these days. They are only about 3 inches long and less than an inch wide. They're small enough to tuck into your jeans pocket. With all of the different types of data storage out there, I found some ideal ones for dog lovers. If you're going to have one on hand, why not have one with a little extra flair? Here are some flash drives that may tickle your fancy.

Jade Dog Bone 4GB

This flash drive is actually made of jade. It's compatible with both Macs and PCs. It's currently $21.80 USD and you can find it at this website.

Pink Cartoon Dog

This is made primarily for storage. It's a throwback to cartoon characters and is really cute, especially if you like the color pink. What's great is that the product has received good customer feedback on the website. You can find it here for $19.19 (2GB), $21.58 (4GB) and $36.20 USD(8GB).

Naughty Dog Cartoon Flash Drive 2GB and 8GB

I love the detail on this one. I found it at two places:a 2GB flash drive at Tonymap for $11.19 USD (although if you buy more than 5 they give you a break on the price) and a 8GB flash drive at Dino Direct for $36.20 USD. They are well-made and work well for your laptop.

Black and White Funny Dog Flash Drive 4GB

Made by U-Disk, this adorable flash drive is reasonably priced at $19.00 USD. You can get it from Buy Now. One of the best things about this website is that it offers free shipping on all items, however there are no shopper reviews on the site. If you would like to visit the site you can find it here.

Novelty Pink Dog Bone 4MB

This flash drive is clever because it's not made of plastic but rubber. You can find it at China Grabber. While it's great that the website offers free shipping, it does not have the company location printed on the website or a phone number. One thing is that the site clearly states that all sales are final. It's reasonably priced at $21.00 USD but if you fear future problems with the item, you may have to ship it back internationally and pay for the shipping charges to return the item out of pocket.

Cute Dog 2GB

This one is cute for sure. At $20.99 USD, it would be good for someone who wants something whimsical & cute. The dealer, Victoria's Deco is an Amazon Merchant so the sale is guaranteed.

Black Dog Flash Drive 2GB

Also available through Victoria's Deco, this one is unique because the dog looks different with the pointy ears. It's also $20.99 USD. In addition to selling items on Amazon, they also carry them on e-bay.

What About Amazon?

Amazon does have a couple that caught my eye. One is a white bone flash drive but for only 2GB, 2GB DOG BONE FLASH DRIVE - GREAT GIFT!! $25.01 USD seems a little steep. However, it does offer free shipping and Amazon is well known for their customer service, so if you want something simple yet functional, this may be something to try.

Humping Dog

This is more of a gag gift. It serves no purpose except to see the dog move back and forth. It's a great gag gift but don't expect to use it to save information. If you would like to see what it looks like, check out this link...

Let's Discuss!

Have you bought any specialty flash drives for your computer? Personally, I haven't because since I download so much, I'd rather have the storage over decoration. It would be nice to get one.

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  1. These are a hoot! I've really never encountered much in the way of novelty USB sticks before, but hey, somebody had to think of it, right?



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