Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Day At The Pet Expo

Hi Guys! Yesterday, I went to Chicagoland Family Pet Expo. Mom was roped in to coming too, since she's a huge dog lover as well. This was my fourth year attending at the Arlington Park Racetrack. It's amazing to see everything that is there. Not only do they have dogs, but also cats, birds and other small animals.

First, we walked around seeing all of the different dogs available through rescue groups. One of the best things about these expositions is all of the different foods and products available. I was able to pick up some samples of new food to try out for the dogs and a couple of treats too.

My main goal was to see the performing dogs. There were two groups performing. The first one we saw was the Indy Dog & Disc Club frisbee demonstration. Though we only caught part of it, it was astounding what these dogs could do with a simple frisbee.

Afterwards, we then caught the Rock and Roll K-9s performance team. The group had the coolest decorations too. This performance was first-class. Not only did the M.C. Jill have a sense of humor, the dogs made agility exhibition look fun. They were so well-trained, it was unbelievable.

There was also a dedication ceremony to unveil the new Animal Rescue Adopt A Shelter Pet Stamps from the Post Office. One of the main goals of this expo was to encourage potential dog owners to get their dog from a shelter and to avoid dogs that have been commercially bred.

Some things I missed was the Dancing With Dogs exhibition, the CFA All Breed Cat Show, and the American White Shepherd Judging Competition. (White Shepherds are a type of German Shepherd that are not accepted by the AKC because they believe the breed does not adhere to the German Shepherd Standard. Opponents argue that the white color is caused by a recessive gene and not a genetic defect. These judgings are done to increase awareness of the breed and give it credit where credit is due).

I've attached some of the pictures I took during the expo. I hope you enjoy them and have a great start of your week.
Frisbee Show

The Incredible Flying Border Collie
Vertical Grab

Rock and Roll K-9s

 Gimme five!
Jill The MC

Up You Go!
Out Of The Tunnel
This guy jumped four feet over!
Graceful Jump
The Whole Troop

Three Month Puppy for Adoption

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