Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Cost Of A New Dog

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How Much ?

I've always been one to believe that having a dog is priceless. It is a huge responsibility though. As much as I'd wish we could just take a dog in and not worry about the costs, sometimes, it helps to have an idea of what goes into caring for a dog financially.

We're in the midst of a recession and many people are out of work. Some people have been forced to give up their dogs because they're barely making ends meet. Others are just abandoning them. I've always believe the best way to roll with the changes is to have the knowledge beforehand.

Preparation Goes A Long Way

Sometimes, seeing things in black and white helps give clarity to a situation.
Since preparation and knowledge will help with getting acclimated to having a dog, I've created a spreadsheet for people who may want to bring a dog into their household but are not sure about the costs.

It's a public Google document that you can edit by just typing in a number. It a simple spreadsheet that has been formatted and formulated so you can type in any amount and have it add automatically.

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Dog Expense Spreadsheet

Final Thoughts

While there are more important factors that go into bringing a new dog into a person's life, having a general idea of what to expect financially can give peace of mind. I've never regretted any pet that I've adopted but it always helps to plan, especially when the unexpected happens.

Let's Discuss!

How does the financial aspect of raising a dog factor into your decision? Has adopting a dog been a spontaneous thing or something planned out for you?

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  1. Elena, kudos to you for finding this spreadsheet! EXCELLENT idea! A woman friend of mine used to struggle with the costs of owning dogs - she had four when I knew her, but at one time had NINE. She made very good money, but was single at the time, and putting herself through school, so the costs of caring for so many dogs left her with no disposable income. Again, this is a great resource you've found.

  2. Thank you Pat. It was created to help people who were unsure about what costs to keep in mind when it comes to bringing a new pet into your home. Glad to hear you like it.



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