Saturday, August 15, 2009

Understanding Fancy

It has been said that Mastiffs are wary of strangers. No truer words could have been said since I've been housesitting Fancy. It's only been two days and even though I love dogs, for some reason, when I talk to her, all she does is bark at me. It's strange though, I can talk to people and she won't say anything, but if I have a conversation, then all she does is bark. It just goes to show how different one dog can be from another.

I'm finding that patience and calmness is the best course of action a person can take. If you let a dog's uneasiness get the better of your emotions, then the dog will sense that and it could have a snowball effect. I still have a couple more days to go, so maybe things will improve.

Have any of you ever had a similar situation happen? Well anyway, have a great day and thanks for stopping in. :)

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