Monday, March 8, 2010

The New Legal Assistant


Legal Eagles

More employers are making accommodations to bring your dog to work these days. Take Your Dog To Work Day has blossomed in popularity. The law office is a place that it's becoming common to bring your dogs with you for the day. Some law offices do it every day.

A Valid Argument

Since lawyers work long hours, many have found that bringing their dogs into the office is a great benefit. Not only does it boost morale, the lawyers don't have to worry about being away from them so long and the dog's presence helps keep their stress levels down. Since many lawyers are self-employed, there have been some who have negotiated allowing their dogs to be at the office as part of their lease.

The effects of this have been positive all around. It gives clients a welcoming environment, especially with stressful cases like divorce or bankruptcy. Dogs have a non-judgmental presence which eases any anxiety they may have. Many clients look forward to seeing the dog and some will even bring a treat or toy.

The Verdict

For a stressful work environment such as a law office, dogs are extremely helpful. As long as the pets are well-behaved and allergy sufferers are not affected, I believe this will probably become more of the norm in the future. This year, Take Your Dog To Work Day is on Friday, June 25th. Since 1996 in the UK and 1999 in the US, this day has become more popular in the workplace.

If you would like to learn about which places you can take your work, visit this website.

Let's Discuss!

Are you a lawyer who brings the dog to the office? Do you know one who does?

Take Your Dog To Work Today


  1. I don't know any lawyers personally, but I have worked at two places (both in the Chicago area) where the owners and some senior employees brought their dogs to work everyday. It definitely added character to the workplace and did indeed help morale (which was badly needed since one of these firms was very hard to work for). I have also enjoyed patronizing retail stores where there's a dog or cat hanging around.

    I really wish pets at work was an option for what I do now! Sadly, on corporate events at hotels, even a well-behaved, quiet dog would be potentially too distracting. But, back when I was doing festival stuff, I often worked with a staging guy who brought his Dachshund with him to every gig. Cute dog but unfortunately rather hostile...

  2. I haven't met any lawyers myself who have been in this situation either. I do agree that it does bring up the morale. Thanks for writing.



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