Sunday, February 28, 2010

An Afternoon At The Pet Boutique

Pet boutiques have become all the rage these days. Not only do they sell unique items for your dog or cats, they have special pet events. Pet boutiques differ from pet superstores like Petco or Petsmart because they will have one of a kind items. Yesterday, I took my mom and headed to Zane and Zara's in Chicago.

Our Arrival

When we arrived in the late morning, we were happily greeted by Zane (a gorgeous boxer) and Zara (a darling pit bull mix). They were very sweet and delightful to be around. They were well-behaved too. They have a little spot behind the counter where they relax during customer visits. We had initially come to see the different Pugs that they were featuring but had arrived a little to early. So we decided to look around instead.

A Treasure Chest Of Goodies

Nothing can be more fun that just looking. There's so many products created for pets these days that you always discover something new. I found a floatable frisbee made of fabric, organic dog food, and cool dog bowls. I would have picked up the floatable frisbee except that neither Cookie and Gigi have ever been interested in chasing flying discs.

Still, I did find some fantastic goodies like a Chicago Cubs leash and collar combo for both dogs as well as some of their favorite dog treats. I also picked up some all-natural cat treats for my cat. Since we had time till the Pug rescue event started, we grabbed some lunch at the local cafe.

Pug Time

After our delightful lunch, we headed back and got to meet a couple of the dogs from the Northern Illinois Pug Rescue. George was a stray who was being fostered at the time. He was a spunky little guy who was just so excited to be there.

Tracy, was an older dog and a little more reserved. It turned out that she was blind and because of that would require special needs. She was a sweet girl who just needed a little extra assurance as some dogs take more time to get acclimated to their surroundings. She still was as adorable as ever. Pugs always make me smile and laugh. One day, I may get one but for now, I'll enjoy them as much as I can.

After seeing the pugs, it was time for us to head back home. This picture of Zane and Zara, sums it all up. They don't say it's a dog's life for nothing. It was a fun trip and opened my eyes to what you can discover in a smaller, niche pet store.

Let's Discuss

Have you ever been to a pet boutique like Zane and Zara's? Do you shop at these stores in person or online?
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