Friday, June 25, 2010

Take Your Dog To Work Day 2010

Hello Everyone! It's been a little hectic this week because I was working on a special graphic design project so I haven't been able to blog as much. I hope everyone has had a great week so far.

Take Your Dog To Work

In 1999, Pet Sitters International created Take Your Dog To Work Day. It's become so popular, some workplaces have a Take Your Dog To Work Week. This event was created to celebrate the human/canine bond and encourage pet adoption. Since then, it's been commonplace to see a pet at work on this day.

More Holiday Fun

This day has become so special, the Take Your Pet Website is having a special photo contest. It's so much fun just taking a look at these creative shots. The photos you see on this page are the top three vote-getters. The grand prize winner will win $500 USD in cash and a $500 USD donation to their favorite shelter. The contest runs through July 31, 2010.

Let's Discuss!

Are you bringing your dog to work this year? Did your place have a Take Your Dog To Work event?

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  1. As you know I don't have a dog (or cat), but I've worked at a couple places where the business owners and some employees brought their dogs to work regularly, almost year-round. My feeling on this is that it can really add a lot of charm to the atmosphere of a workplace and boost employee morale quite a bit - provided the dogs are well-behaved. Unfortunately, at one place I worked for a couple years, one of the owners sometimes brought in his senior (13 years) Chow Chow, who was very aggressive and hostile towards people. He (the dog) had to be kept penned in one corner of the warehouse, and everybody who worked in that area warned when he was around. I personally don't think this was a good idea - for the dog (who didn't like people) or the employees (who feared the dog). Otherwise, the dogs I've seen at work tended to be very friendly, calm, peaceful, and well-mannered.

  2. That's unusual when an employer brings a dog that is aggressive to the workplace. At least they had the dog sectioned off.The spirit of Take Your Dog To Work is to bring your dog who is friendly and well-behaved. Thanks for your comments.



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