Friday, June 18, 2010

Anxiety Under Pressure

Anxiety is a funny thing with dogs. You don't expect a dog to be anxious about anything. Their life is pretty simple. Yet, certain events like thunderstorms, fireworks or separation will make a dog behave in an odd way. They may be panting uncontrollably, pacing erratically or just make a mess in the house.

A New Type Of Treatment

The other day I was reading an article which talked about these shirts that help control anxiety. They are very similar to helping dogs stay calm the way swaddling benefits a baby. The shirts are lightweight yet give enough pressure to sooth a dog's anxiety. There are two shirt companies that stand out. One is called Thundershirt and the other is called Anxiety Wrap.

Comparing The Two Websites

Both of these companies are highly endorsed by veterinarians. Also, they both have received the 2010 Best Pet Products Award from Fido Friendly, a major dog publication. They both are also guaranteed or your money back. Upon looking at their sites I noticed these differences:
  • I like the name Thundershirt better than Anxiety Wrap.
  • Anxiety wrap has a page to let you know what the shipping will be. Thundershirt does not.
  • sells only this product. Anxiety wraps carries their main product as well as dog treats, accessories and toys.
  • Their sizes vary. A small at Anxiety Wrap is the same size as medium at Thundershirts. It's really important to get an accurate measurement of your dog's girth.
  • Thundershirt gives a sketch on how to put the garment on and fasten it. It seems Anxiety Wrap is just a pullover.
  • Anxiety Wraps has a special retailer for their items in Australia.

When you take into account that many dogs get stressed from certain noises this can be a huge help. Before, a vet would offer to sedate a dog to deal with their anxieties, now, this shirt can calm them without the use of drugs or injections. If you're looking for an alternate method to deal with anxiety, this is a small price to pay for some peace of mind.

Here are the links to the websites:
Anxiety Wrap
You can also find Anxiety Wrap and Thundershirt at

Let's Discuss!

Does your dog suffer from anxiety? what are some ways you deal with your dog's anxiety?

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  1. I haven't seen Anxiety Wraps in person before, but I have held and touched a Thundershirt, and I'm very impressed by its look, quality, and design. I've thought about getting one to try with one of my dogs, who gets a little nervous in some public-type situations. For the reasonable price, I think it's worth a shot! :D

  2. That's really cool. I feel the same way. My brother's dog has separation anxiety whenever we go out. We leave him in a crate so this may help. It's lightweight too, so it won't make your dog too hot. Thanks for writing in. :)



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