Friday, June 4, 2010

Surfing For Friday Fun

Recently, San Diego celebrated its 5th Annual Surf Dog Competition from Loew's Hotel. There were over 65 dogs competing. The dogs you see pictured above are Kalani and Richochet. They were winners of the tandem heat. All proceeds from the competition helped the San Diego Police Department Canine Unit through the San Diego Police Foundation.

The other winners are as follows:
Abbie Winner of Heat 1 (Dogs Under 50 pounds). This Australian Kelpie proved she was a natural when a dog loved to hang ten.

Stanley Winner of Heat 2 (Dogs Over 50 pounds. This Chesapeake Bay Retriever showed is sea legs and climbed to the top of his heat.

Buddy owner Bruce Hooker 2nd Place winner of Heat 3. He's a Jack Russell Terrier who loves to catch a wave.

If you would like to read more about this fabulous competition, please visit the Loews Surf Dog Website. Special Thanks to Anne Stephany for providing the photos

Let's Discuss!

What do you like to do for Friday fun with your dog?

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