Thursday, June 10, 2010

What The Dog Did

What the Dog Did: Tales from a Formerly Reluctant Dog Owner

Book Review

Recently, I picked up What The Dog Did: Tales from a Formerly Reluctant Dog Owner to read. This caught my eye because it told the story of what it was like to own a dog from a cat owner's perspective. It is a collection of Emily Yoffe's own experiences as well as those close to her which share the story of what a dog can mean to their owner. She is a writer at who would write about her daily experiences with her dog and they suggested that she make this into a book.

The book starts out when her daughter wants a dog for a pet. Her daughter is only five years-old at the time and she happens to make a good point when she tells her mom that she can't have a brother or sister, and unlike her mom, is not fond of their cats. After looking around, she finds Sasha, a beagle through an animal rescue called BREW.

Owning a dog is much different than owning a cat yet the author illustrates the differences beautifully. This book goes to show that even if you're partial to liking only dogs or only cats, that there are times your opinion may change. I know that after having dogs most of my life, I never really experienced what it was like to have a cat until I went to college. It took a while for me to understand the difference of having a cat for a pet. This author is has illustrated perfectly how it's a transition but that you get a new understanding of that animal.

This book had me laughing many times. It shows you that you're not alone when it comes to mishaps that happen when you're a dog owner. There are a couple of serious moments too. However, that seamlessly blends in with the nature of the book. It's a collection of many stories that make one book. The author has a sense of humor. If you're a dog owner, I definitely recommend this. Better yet, if you're a beagle owner, this book is a must.

Let's Discuss!

Have you gone from being a cat lover to a dog lover or vice versa? What amazes you the most about being a dog owner?

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  1. As you may know I've never truly "owned" dogs or cats, but I grew up with dogs, then when my Dad & his 2nd wife started living together (when I was 10), I became exposed to cats. (My stepmom could never be around dogs because of being an amputee with a prosthetic leg - a jumpy dog could be too dangerous for her.) So it took me a while to make the transition from dogs to cats, and learn to appreciate cats, but in the end I've come to favor felines. I think it's because cats tend to have simpler social hierarchies in the wild (compared to dogs), which makes them emotionally simpler, and thus easier for me to understand. But then there are certainly dogs I've enjoyed being around; particularly your Cookie & Gigi, and my friends Carl & Dee's sheepdog Suzette. I've heard - and observed - that dogs are more intelligent than cats, but I still favor the low-key simplicity of cats.

  2. I can understand that about cats. Thanks for your comments.



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