Friday, January 8, 2010

Dogged Pursuit: My Year of Competing Dusty, the World's Least Likely Agility Dog

Book Review

Just looking at the cover, I knew this smiling dog was something special. This book was an absolute joy for me. Having taken my dog Cosmo to agility class in the past, the author Robert Rodi, shows us what it's like to compete in agility. Dusty is one of those dogs who has a mind of his own. If you've ever owned the Sheltie breed, this book is a must.

What makes this book unique is not just the dog but the lessons you learn. Mr. Rodi tells us this story with wit and a touch of sarcasm but will make you laugh. If you are unfamiliar with agility, you will learn much about it reading the book. This book shows us how the human/dog bond strengthens, the benefits of training and the warm feeling of that being part of a community can bring.

This book has been out for a few months, so you can get it anywhere. One of my favorite places is Amazon.

Let's Discuss

Have any of you have read this book? Are any of you participants in dog agility?

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  1. I haven't personally participated in dog agility, but I remember my late Mother telling me about a dog she had as a teenager in the 1950s (I believe he was a Border Collie) who she trained to jump hurdles. I recall seeing a B&W photo of her holding two broomsticks about 3.5' above the ground, and her dog jumping over them, much like the dog on the cover of this book.



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