Friday, September 11, 2009

Pug Village

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Hi Everyone!

This week, I was finishing up my friends website. I am so happy that it's done. Because I was working to finish it up, I just now was able to get back blogging. No more excuses there though. If any of you would like to see it it's located at MCYO.

Still, the real story of the week was this website I discovered a few weeks ago. Have you ever owned a Pug? My mom has always wanted one and is hoping her next dog will be that breed. It's called Pug Village. This is a site that truly embraces the Pug breed of dog. It is one of the most detailed and accurate sites I have ever seen about a specific breed. It helps determine if the Pug is a right breed for you or not and gives all of the aspects of owning this dog, whether good or bad. It even has a forum for fellow owners to discuss various Pug topics.

Well I hope the weekend is being good to you. Thanks for stopping in and if any of you guys have stories of this beloved breed, I'd love to hear them. Please feel free to drop a comment or email. Good night everyone.

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