Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Keeping Your Dog From Jumping

Whenever I come across a dog who loves to come to me and jump up I think that dog really likes me. Other people are not comfortable with that idea. Many have had a bad experience with dogs in the past or are really afraid of dogs. As happy as we are to see our dogs, the last thing we want is for them to jump on us while we are wearing shorts and scratch the front of our thigh because they are so excited.

Part of the Canine Good Citizen exam requires your dog to greet people without jumping on them. Here are some things you can do, to keep your dog from jumping:

  • Turn your back on them. Let's say you've just came home from work. Your dog is so excited to see you. If he or she starts to jump on you, turn your back until the dog has stopped jumping up. This way the dog learns that jumping on you is not the right way to get attention.
  • Giving the dog lots of exercise will make him or her less likely to jump up on guests. If you are expecting people over, take the dog out for a long walk beforehand. Other things you can do is play fetch or take the pooch on a quick run.
  • Tether your dog by tying the leash to a sturdy object. Walk away from the dog about 30 feet. Approach the dog, keep approaching if he's sitting. If he starts jumping up, stop. By the time you reach the dog, give positive reinforcement for staying seated and you can reward the dog by giving a treat.
One of the most important things to remember when training your dog is: Always use positive reinforcement!

Dogs will respond better to a calm yes than an angry no. They are simple creatures who's only aim is to please. Repetition and recall will help the dog retain the training and will give you more satisfaction in being the pack leader.

Some other resources you may want to check out are:
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Do you have any special tricks you use?

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