Friday, September 25, 2009


It must have been a sign. First, I see Dateline and they have a report about things we've never heard from Michael Jackson before. (Yes, I'm paraphrasing). Then, My mom calls me over to show me some dog videos. One of them turned out to be this dog moonwalking on I then visited YouTube and found a whole slew of entertaining videos. With that I'm happy to proclaim these "TKD Videos of the Week!"

If I have to pick a favorite, it has to be the last one Liko. The dog learned to walk backwards in order not to slip on the wooden floors in their house. You have to see it to truly enjoy it. So in honor of Michael Jackson, I present to you

Moonwalking: Doggy Style!

Dog Learns To Moonwalk - Watch more Funny Videos
Where It All Began

No Music, But I Can't Turn a Blind Eye to a Pug

This is Sonny's Version. I Think He's A Chihuahua

The Grandaddy of them all! Liko the Maltese

Well, that's all for now. Hope your weekend is off to a good start. :)

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