Friday, May 1, 2009

Last Day of Dog Obedience

Well, last night was the final week of dog obedience forGigi and me. Six weeks went by incredibly fast. The main goal last night was to show what tricks we could do. I took some of the treats that I had packed up and did roll over and taught Gigi to crawl.
My teacher asked me if there was anything else. I then told him, the only thing I could think of is when I say "alright girls!" Gigi barks like a maniac. Of course he didn't need to hear that one.

Probably two of the most incredible tricks were by two of our dog owners. The first one, had a Golden Retriver. They took their finger and shaped it like a guy and said "Bang" and the dog played dead. The best trick though was by this Scottish Terrier owner. She showed her dog how to put her toys into a plastic container.

So my question to you dear readers is what is the best dog trick you have seen. Please let me know by leaving a comment or via e-mail. Thank you and have a great night. :)

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