Monday, May 11, 2009

Take Me Out the the Ballgame!

Hi All,

This post is a little late because as you know the blog is still only about a month old. Already, I'm going to be having my last day of class tomorrow. Anyhow, I am a baseball fan and some of these major league ballparks have bring your dog days at their ball park. Usually, the pets are in a contained area and you may have to pay a little extra but just watching the whole thing is priceless. It's another way to enjoy dogs especially if you can't own one. (See my post that's about two or three spaces down.)

Well, here is a list of the teams that do participate in this. It's one thing that's great about the Cub's known rivals (see St. Louis and Chicago White Sox). Pittsburgh is the granddaddy of them all, having one game a month. It sounds like a road trip to me!

Here's the teams who you can catch a game with your dog at the ballpark:

Atlanta BravesWednesday, June 10
Sunday, Sept. 6
Chicago White SoxWednesday, May 20
Cincinnati RedsTuesday, May 19
Tuesday, September 15
Oakland A’sFriday, July 17
Pittsburgh PiratesTuesday, May 12
Tuesday, June 30
Tuesday, July 21
Tuesday, August 25
Tuesday, September 21
St. Louis CardinalsSunday, June 7

Some of these you have to act fast. The Florida Marlins already had their game on April 24, and Washington Nationals aren't having a dog day but will be having an adopt-a-pet day on Saturday, September 5. Special thanks to Woof Report and for their assistance. As always, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an e-mail. Good Night All!

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