Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Treadmills--The New Wave In Workouts

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I first saw a dog working out on a treadmill when I caught an episode of The Dog Whisperer one day. Pete and Ashley Simpson-Wentz had their bulldog working out on their treadmill with their leash attached. I was completely amazed.

Treadmills are a popular piece of exercise equipment to have in your house. You can use them any time of the year. You can use them for walking, jogging or hardcore running. Some health clubs are even offering dog memberships to their members. An example of this would be Auburn Total Fitness in California.

Putting your dog on a treadmill is a great way to keep it in shape.
  • It's in a controlled environment.
  • It it low impact.
  • It's indoors.
  • The workout can be customized to your dog's needs.
  • It's good for people who aren't able to walk their dogs.

Teaching Your Dog How To Use It

Just like any training regimen, this takes some time for a dog to catch on. Some high energy dogs like a Jack Russell Terrier will just jump on and go. Other dogs may be more hesitant since the noise and the moving band on the treadmill can be overwhelming.

A good article that I found shows the owner the proper way to teach your dog. It is written by Dr. Joe Spoo and can be found at his website. Another good resource for treadmill instruction are the how-to videos on You Tube.

Dog Treadmills

With the popularity of this exercise, in addition to treadmills for humans, treadmills have been created exclusively for dogs. What's the difference? Well, they have a lower weight limit and are made according to your dog's size. They also have side walls to prevent the dog slipping off. The third difference is they can cost slightly less than a regular treadmill.

Two good websites that seemed to have decent dog treadmills are Pawwws.com and Hammacher Schlemmer. There's also a website called Jog A Dog, but I didn't care for the metal sides on their treadmill.

Still, human treadmills will work just as well but it's always nice to have an option.

Safety Tips To Remember

  • Always monitor your dog when it is on the treadmill.
  • Watch the gait for signs of overtiredness.
  • Make it a positive experience. Don't show you're nervous, because your dog will pick up on it.
  • Always use a leash first. If it's your preference, in time you can teach them to use the treadmill without it, .
Just remember, this is a process and not to get discouraged if your dog doesn't catch on right away. The results and benefits for your dogs health will be well worth it.

Let's Discuss!

Have you tried this workout for your dog? Do any of your health clubs offer a similar program? What are your thoughts on this workout? Personally, since I don't own a treadmill, I can't use this as an option but it's something to consider for the future.
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  1. Treadmills are brilliant ideas not only for people to lose weight or keep fitness but give great convenience for people to walk dog.

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  2. Yes, that's true. Who knew that one piece of exercise equipment could be so versatile? Thank you for your comment. :)

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