Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sheer Determination

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Sometimes dogs have the ability to get themselves into tight spots. That was the case in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Two dogs, a border collie and a chihuahua, were trapped in a 500 foot mine yesterday. It was unknown how long they were there. The rescuers tried to lure them out with food as bait, but they didn't want to budge. The border collie was staying put and the chihuahua, refused to leave the border collie's side. Since their initial efforts did not work, the rescuers tried to regroup and attempted again this morning.

Flash forward to 7:30 MDT

A mine manager from the Cripple Creek spotted the dogs and was able to coax them into the truck with his lunch. Many dogs have been in similar situations where they've become trapped in that mine. It has been said that the mine is set up in a way that the dogs can crawl out of it.

Somehow, they've always to get themselves out. The rescuers were hoping that was the case and sure enough it worked. The dogs rescuing themselves just go to show how a little will and determination can overcome and tough situation.

Life In A Mining Town

It turns out that dog owners tend to let their dogs run loose in the mining area. Hopefully, a story like this will teach them to be more cautious when they let their dogs roam.

Let's Discuss!

If you live in a town where mines are prevalent, have you had a similar experience to Cripple Creek? What precautions do you take with your dogs?

Read More About It

If you would like to read more about this story in its entirety please visit the Gazette.

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