Thursday, December 3, 2009

True Inspiration


I've always thought that dogs are pretty incredible. Then, there are times that I come across a story that is truly inspirational. I read about Eric Melvin.

Becoming A Dog Owner

Two years ago, he picked up his ideal Australian Cattle dog from a breeder in Colorado as a puppy. Like a good owner, he took Angelyne to puppy kindergarten. However, at 13 weeks of age, Angelyne wouldn't come when he called. The instructor tried to see what would happen if they dropped a bunch of telephones behind her. Most puppies would jump away being startled from the loud noise. Angelyne had a minor reaction because of the whoosh of air, not the sound. After taking her to the vet to check her hearing, and the veterinarian confirmed Angelyne was deaf.

Overcoming Adversity

At first he was unsure how he would train a deaf dog but after doing internet research he learned of ways to raise and train a deaf dog. He tried American Sign Language, but for some reason that was not working for the duo. Instead, he made his own signs such as thumbs down means "Sit" and thumbs up says "Good Job". Angelyne has learned up to 40 special commands since then.

Bringing out the Best

This former communications and marketing specialist takes Angelyne to schools with special needs children to show them how to overcome adversity. He has performed in several demonstrations and motivational events all over Colorado since then.

Mr. Melvin is looking to start a foundation in order to help bridge the needs of special needs children to special needs dogs. If you would like to read more about this extraordinary pair please visit the article at the Greeley Tribune. If you would like more information to help Mr. Melvin's foundation you can e-mail him at:

Thank you all for stopping by. Have any of you met dogs like this? Do you own a special needs dog?

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