Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Teen Kidnaps Puppy To Save From Being Euthanized

IIn Wanganui, New Zealand, a five-month old puppy was hit by a car. He had a broken leg that had to be pinned together using surgery. The cost of this surgery would have been $2,500 NZ dollars ($1,730 US). As it turned out the family could not afford the surgery because they were on welfare. The vet told the family that the dog would have to be euthanized because the young dog was in agony.

When this story made the front page of the Wanganui Chronicle, it struck a chord among many
readers, where they called in to offer donations. So many of them have been in a situation where they've had a dog that they had euthanized because they were in the same predicament as Bronson. There was so much interest that the Wanganui SPCA began collecting a fund for Buck.
Photo Resource: Wanganui Chronicles

Enough money has been amassed so the surgery could be paid for. The Stewart family is very grateful for the public's generosity and Bronson plans on working to pay back those donations by mowing lawns and tending gardens. Bronson brought Buck back to the hospital yesterday and promised not to take him again.

If you would like to read more about this story in its entirety, please visit these links:

Associated Press
Wanganui Chronicle

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  1. I never thought about not having enough money to take care of my pets. What a horrific situation that would be! Glad they could save the pup in the end.



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