Monday, February 1, 2010

Dogs In The News: Words From A Lost Pup

The Main Story

During the past week, I've been concentrating on a story in the news. Jesse James lost his dog this week. He is best known for having a television show being based on his custom motorcycle shop as well as, being married to actress Sandra Bullock. He has been sending out messages on Twitter to help him find Cinnabun, his pit bull terrier puppy. She was wearing an id tag and pink collar when she was last seen.

What's Happened Since Then

She has been lost since last Monday afternoon. There is a $5,000 reward being offered to the person who finds the dog. While there have been a couple of sightings, nothing concrete has come of it.

What We Can Do

Many fans who live in Southern California have been looking for Cinnabun along with Jesse and his family. Another fan put up a Help Find Cinnabun Page on Facebook. If you happen to live in Long Beach and have spotted this dog please call 562-983-6666 or send an e-mail to

I wanted to find a poem online that was about lost dogs but couldn't find one due to time constraints. So I wrote one of my own. It's called Words From a Lost Pup.

You can see it below or download the podcast.

Words From A Lost Pup

I slipped outside
on a cold winter day.
Something caught my eye
as I went astray

I'm just a puppy
not even a year.
I'm bound to wander
as my master would fear.

I want to go home
where I can romp and play.
I really miss my family
who wait, hope and pray.

As I walk around
I hear faint cries of my name.
I run and I glance
but all paths look the same.

Day passes into night
as I fall asleep on the pier.
In the morning I hear footsteps,
Could my master be near?

As the sun gets brighter,
I recognize his stride.
I've been away from him for so long
Now I'm back by his side.

Dedicated to Jesse James and his family

© 2010 by Elena Papastefan

For any of you who have lost a dog or cat recently, I hope you find your pet soon. Thanks for stopping in and as always, feel free to leave a comment. I love to hear from you.

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  1. Wow, Elena, that's a good poem!

    BTW, this article reminds me a little of the book "Lost: Lost and Found Pet Posters from Around the World" by Ian Phillips, which as its title implies is a compilation of handmade lost pet fliers. It may sound exploitive, but if I remember correctly, it has an appendix with some very good advice on how to make effective lost pet announcements and improve the odds of getting re-united.

  2. Thank you Pat. I appreciate that. That book sounds interesting. I'll have to add it to my list.

  3. No prob. What I like about your poem is how you wrote it from the pet's POV, rather than the owner's. It reminds me of one poster in the previously mentioned book, which is titled "LOST CAT" and shows a hand-drawn cartoon cat thinking, "WHERE THE H*** AM I??" A lost pet situation isn't just a case of the owner not knowing where the pet is - it's also the pet being unable to find his/her way back home!



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