Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Treat For Gigi


Ever since Gigi joined the family, she's had a sensitive stomach. Whereas Cookie could eat almost anything under the sun, Gigi, would be a little gun shy when it comes to trying new things.

Last year, I was shopping at Petsmart, I came across some dog treats by Newman's Own Organics. They were chicken flavored and used barley flour as the main ingredient. When I first gave it to Gigi and Cookie, Gigi loved it. This was a huge deal because she is so picky. What's even stranger was the fact that Cookie, the dog that could eat almost anything did not like these at all. If she did eat one, it was because she was coaxed into it.

Nevertheless, we wound up saving these for Gigi and getting Cookie her own special treat. Some treats they both like, but this one will always be special because my finicky dog truly enjoyed them. If you have a picky dog you may want to give these a shot.

Let's Discuss!

Do you have a dog who is really selective on what you give them? What kind of treats work for you?

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